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  1. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    Thnx for your reply detosx The Config.wtf is a file in the wow folder that saves the config settings about sound and graphics you make in game and is easily edited outside of the game aswell. I learned about adding the line because some resent patch from wow killed the fps of regular mac owners and someone said that would fix it. The line added is very simply a copy paste job I just tryed if it would help on my problems and it did help me start the game. However the same fps problems mac owners have plague me aswell and i have to set the game to everything on low setting and still pull only 20fps @ 1920x1080 (in windows i have 50fps with everything on max). My gpu is running hotter on mac then on windows in all occasions but gets to scary levels during gaming. I fixed this by cutting an extra hole in my case and adding a huge (but silent) case fan next to my card wich blows fresh air over and under it. That cooled it down to a steady 40ish degrees. Im going to keep trying to get the fps problem fixed and will play wow using dual boot for now. I have heard the 10.6.5 patch fixes a part of it so the next step will be updating to that using detosx's guide (altho i have little hope it will fix a thing as i guess removing the opengl line will just result in a crashing pc again)
  2. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    Ok i finally got my 4770 to work using Detosx's guide on the first page after a fresh install, I updated to 10.6.4 before using the guide because thats what made kp's and confusion on my part last time. However i still have one problem witch is that i can't use my video card for what its actually made for, gaming! I open up world of warcraft and my pc restarts... no kp no error just bamn restart anyone able to tell me why this is and if this is fixable? And i guess i just have to live with inverted colors at login right? Sorry for my newbish questions Ok i seem to get better at this, wow uses some video accel that this fix doesn't support (GLL i belive) adding SET GxApi "OpenGL" to Config.wtf fixes it
  3. Wich Card?

    http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=231768 its not a tutor as its a testing topic but thats what he is using. i would watch out with ati cards as the install can be very hard. (although i have a 4770 that makes my experience rather biased)
  4. Radeon HD4770 Solutions

    After quite some days of trying different methods of install i just got my amd/ati machine to install and boot properly using the nawcom boot cd, retail dvd and myhack 1.1.4 on that cd. Ofcourse i would like to try to get my 4770 working properly now and i am trying to follow Zodiac's guide (wich one of the more readable and newb friendly ones ive read in the past few days). However i am having problems with the first part of the guide that deals with changing the boot.plist because i use Chameleon(v2.0-RC5 r273). I tried making sense of the posts that deal with it on page 3 but that didn't fare very well. i am wondering if anyone useing Chameleon atm is able to explain the boot.plist part somewhat better Edit: Ok i slept a night and tryed a somewhat harder and more awake this morning, i ran into the following problems. I changed my boot file and boot.plist (with the flicker flag and enabled graphics) before updating to 10.6.4 but it kept rebooting at loading mac. I replaced the edited files (in a 2nd mac install loaded with boot cd) with the ones i backed up and rebooted into 6.4 with success and just continued installing by using the terminal commands and adding the edited 4800 kext. i also replaced the boot and boot.plist with the edited ones again (before using the terminal commands)and rebooted with succes. However i didn't have the inverted color and higher resolution. I tryed adding the rest of the kexts in correct order but i gues it was hopeless at that time anyway. I can't boot into mac now because of panic. this gives me the following questions: should the he edited boot and boot.plist work before updating to 6.4 or should i reboot while in 6.0 hope it works and then update? should running the terminal commands give some kind of confirmation? or is it correct when it just goes to the next line what is so special about the kexts from can't i just add the device id to the 6.4-5 kexts and get the same results but after updating? (im guessing it has to do with the boot file being made for 6.3?) is just deleting all the edited files and restarting enough to start the process over or is it better if i just reinstall? Thanks in advance for any help