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  1. I want to use a drawing program (which is Windows only) in Crossover. When I got the program running, I found that my Wacom tablet pen has no pressure in CrossOver. I download the driver and run the installer in CrossOver, but it is not working. Anyone knows how to add the tablet as a new device? Please help! Really thanks!
  2. thank you! i'll do a research this weekend as soon as i get home. (i'm now posting with my cellphone...rather slow,he he)
  3. I just guess that MAC OSX requires a PAE supported CPU, but it seems that mine doesn't... is it necessary to get a PAE supported CPU? if it is, then which CPUs meet the requirement? my friend's laptop has a P-M 1.6G CPU which supports PAE, but mine(P-M 1.0G) doesn't. is it possible to change these two CPUs? (we all use 855GM chipsets) thanx a lot! update: I confirmed that the PM CPU on another laptop, Compaq X1000, doesn't support PAE, but the installation runs well... so i'm totally confused... my P5020 and X1000 are using almost the same hardware --- PM processor, 855GM chipsets, same RAM, but... maybe the only difference can be the BIOS, one is Phoenix, another is HP... then why is it that one is working well, but my doesn't work?
  4. maybe it's because that my CPU doesn't support PAE so whatever i do has no effect... also, 10.4.8 requires SSE3 which my CPU doesn't support... sad sad sad...
  5. he he, i've tried win NT, too, but the same PAE message... i guess that my CPU doesn't support PAE so whatever i do to convince the VM that i have a PAE supported CPU is in vain thus, the only way to install is to burn a DVD. then it comes to the first problem... i can neither enter the installation nor get the error information i've noticed that there are a lot of versions of DVDs, so i wonder if someone has the experience of getting it work with 855 chip sets and PM processor... btw, the Goatsecx version i used is said to be the best version ever, but it can't work on my computer... though it can run on my friend's laptop...
  6. i've tried to set the VM to both Solaris 10 Experimental, and FreeBSD, but neither of them works...sigh... anyway the "bug 9297" comes out a few seconds later than before, which gave me the impression that it works... is there any possibility to solve it? or it's due to my hardware's incompatibility?
  7. excuse me, but I don't really get what you mean... is Solaris 10 a OS, or is Solaris 10 experimental vm a VM tool?
  8. I install the VMWare, but when booting from the CD, a box bounced up telling me that it has some 'PAE' errors. *** VMware Workstation internal monitor error (bug 9297) *** The guest operating system you are running is using the Physical Address Extension (PAE) processor option. For more information about running PAE-enabled guest operating systems, please consult http://www.vmware.com/info?id=28 I have turned to the http://www.vmware.com/info?id=28, and do what it says --- adding ' paevm="true" ' to the .vmx file, but it doesn't help anything I have also search the internet and someone suggest that we can add " /PAE" in the boot.ini, which does no good either Is there any way to solve this problem?
  9. Thank you for your advice! I'm now preparing a VMWare to try installing it
  10. yep, I've noticed that but they are facing a problem when using the system. Also, someone has posted files here http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=757 , he seems to get the chipsets work properly. But I can't even install the system, what's worse, with "-v" at the beginning of installation, nothing comes out, no information, just black, so that I don't know what to do with my laptop... is there any solution to this problem? Really thanks!
  11. immilki

    mac os x cd wont boot

    nukenorman: I think you may check your settings in your BIOS so that the system will boot from a DVD drive or you can just press a certain key while starting up (like F10, or F8) to call up the booting menu so that you will be able to choose which device to boot from without a third-party software, windows can't read the files on that DVD
  12. I had a Fujitsu laptop and I want to install MAC OSX on it. When I first boot my laptop from DVD, my laptop get stuck as soon as the gray apple icon appears. Neither the disk nor the DVD is running. Then I reboot it, and with "-v", some information of loading "***.kext" appears and then it turns black again. (I suggest that there must be a lot of hardware and loading information but it turns out to be empty ) Since I've got a widescreen I have tried to make a bridge on the VGA port, between 1-6 and 2-12, which does no effect. I've got the Goatsecx version and my hardware information are as follows: (It's Fujitsu P5020 laptop) Intel PM 1.0(with SSE2 supported) i855GM/GME Chipset Southbridge:82801DB(ICH4-M) Who can give me some advice? Really thanks a lot!