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    2 1TB WD drives, GA-X58A-UD5-Rev2 mobo, 12GB mem, PNY 9600 GT graphics, ALC889, SL 10.6.7, iBoot with MultiBeast
  1. IPS Driver Error on Forum

    I have a sufficient preponderance of circumstatial evidence, an intelligent person doesn't ask for proof when it isn't available. http://www.mapsofworld.com/world-top-ten/w...-users-map.html The logic is that the area with the highest percentage of computer users per capita, the largest population, and a high standard of living will have the largest percentage of Hackintosh users in that base. That means an area like North America, with 525 million people, and having 574 computers per 1,000 people and a good standard of living, will have more Hackintosh users on the average, than an area like the Scandinavian countries, which have 25 million people. There is a decent per capita rate, around 500 per thousand own PCs, and they have a good standard of living. But there just aren't very many of them. Again my logic is that people who compete for time on this forum to fix there Hackintosh, have to be able to afford a PC. China has about 1.3 billion people. But less than 17 in a 1,000 own PCs. They have a poor standard of living. More Chinese do go to internet cafes. The Chinese mostly use pirated Windows or the government supports Linux. Both those OS support a lot more hardware than Hackintosh which makes the initial hardware investment for a PC considerably cheaper for somebody who is poor. http://royal.pingdom.com/2011/03/16/the-10...-on-the-planet/ This website again points out what seems obvious to me; people with more money who live in technologically advanced areas, own more computers of every type, including more expensive ones, in part because they can afford it. You see Australia listed on both websites as having a high computer literacy rate. Their population is 23 million. 687,000 computer per million. About 100,000 less per capita than the US which has 325 million users. Macs were promoted in 1984 during the Superbowl. Still the highest concentration of Mac users is in California. People grew up seeing the rich and academics owning Macs while they could only afford PCs. It was a status symbol. Why do people want Hackintoshes? Is it because they work nearly as well as Mac Pro for $1,000 less. No, because they don't. The demand for Macs is highest in the US and the demand for converting a PC to a Hackintosh is greatest in the US because citizens of the US have a lot of cultural baggage about Macs that other countries don't have, they haven't been commercialized to it. People brag about having a Mac logo on their PC. "Can you suggest a better time which doesn't inconvenience anybody at all in the world?" This is a kind of lie. I never said at all or even hinted that there is a time that doesn't inconvenience anybody at all in the world. This thread is about scheduling maintenance so that the largest portion of users using this website are not intefered with. That of course means a minority will be inconvenienced. The point is, why should the wishes of the minority or ethically disabled punish the many and reward the few? Your question implies that a non-existent issue is part of this discussion. "About unanswered questions: you didn't answer why you called our host "a liar", because that is basically what you did." Ed said: "yeah we thought we fixed this, unfortunately it's when a couple of routine tasks that we have to perform everyday kick in - I've requested to at least change the time of this to something a lots later, but in the long-term we do have a solution for this that we are working towards implementing." Since you have said both the hardware and the software work fine, then why isn't it fixed? It's because he hid the real reason it wasn't already fixed behind a couple of remarks that were true as far as they went, but did not include, obviously all of the truth. Because, why hasn't it been adjusted already?! Hackintosh has none of the large user base outside of the US that Linux has, it's not like Linux. Which country or large area places the most demand on the servers?
  2. I suspect that might work out well. My Windows drive has WinXP on it and Win7 put some of its boot files on the WinXP partition. I can see how Win7 might have written some boot files to your second drive if it were hooked up. Next is the root of WinXP. E:\>attrib -a Not resetting hidden file - E:\Boot.BAK Not resetting hidden file - E:\boot.ini Not resetting hidden file - E:\bootmgr Not resetting hidden file - E:\BOOTSECT.BAK Not resetting hidden file - E:\IO.SYS Not resetting hidden file - E:\MCEZY Not resetting hidden file - E:\MSDOS.SYS Not resetting hidden file - E:\NTDETECT.COM Not resetting hidden file - E:\ntldr Not resetting hidden file - E:\pagefile.sys Not resetting hidden file - E:\win7.ld And you see some Win7 files on it. I have Windows 7 Ultimate with no System Reserved and with SP1 installed. That's why I've been dubious about some of your remarks. Since seeing is believing, here are two shots with no System Reserved in them, and one with SP1. D: is missing because it's the usb stick I used to take the Gparted capture. Two of the ?gb partitions on the end are linux and linux swap. diskutil list, on SL, shows the same partitions as Gparted. No S.R. in Cham.
  3. Most of the public has Windows 7 Home Premium because Dell, HP, etc. put that version on the computers they sell. None of those people have a System Reserved partition. SP1 is going to work for nearly all of them. If they have a second drive OS, OS X or Linux or even both as I have, and Chameleon is installed to the MBR, or Grub, or Cham to the MBR and Grub to the Linux root partition, SP1 is going to work for nearly all of them. That's because what is installed on the second drive has nothing to do with whether or not the SP1 upgrade goes through. Because the second drive can be unhooked, the Windows drive can be made active and the MBR of the Windows MBR restored so that Windows is directly bootable. Then, SP1 is going to work for nearly all of them. I say nearly, because there are other issues which could impact the SP1 upgrade, power outage, memory failing under stress, bad sectors. System Reserved is never a problem for Windows 7 Home Premium since it is never created in the first place, no user intervention is required. Unhook the non-Windows drive, install Windows to the Windows drive MBR, so that it can boot directly, it needs to be active. Likewise, with Windows 7 Ultimate, with System Reserved intact, SP1 will go through using the guidelines in the paragraph above. The situation is more complicated with both OS on one drive. It will probably still work, using the same guidelines. I'm not sure about after deleting System Reserved with Ultimate/+ This forum is for Multi-booting and more than half of these systems dual-boot Windows 7. And you are not the first to post about the Win7 SP1 upgrade on this forum. Beside ghostdog dual boots on two drives with Windows 7, so this information about how to upgrade to SP1 could easily be quite relevant to him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_boot_record "The conventional MBR code from PC DOS and MS-DOS, and widely used elsewhere, expects the fdisk partition table scheme to be in use, and scans the list of partitions in the MBR's embedded partition table to find the only one that is marked with the active flag. It then loads and runs the volume boot record (VBR) of the active partition." 0x800fa12 When clicking on the Go online link Microsoft mentions the several reasons that could lead to this error. 1. "The system partition isn’t automatically mounted, or made accessible to Windows, during startup." "expects the fdisk partition table scheme to be in use, and scans the list of partitions in the MBR's embedded partition table to find the only one that is marked with the active flag." That's why SP1 needs a Windows owned MBR and to be marked active. Always backup MBRs.
  4. IPS Driver Error on Forum

    The question you didn't answer is why the maintenance is deliberately scheduled so as to inconvenience between 70% to 80% of the Hackintosh users in the world? This situation is relatively recent, why was it changed? If the problem is due to broken software, why not come out and say so?! I guess I wouldn't believe that, it's so basic to to be able to change starting times.
  5. mull over: deliberate on, turn something over in your mind I mulled over your post and also slept on it. Perhaps Windows works similarly to Chameleon. I have WinXP on one partition and Win7 on the other partition of my first drive. Whichever partition I boot to, is always the C: drive and the other drive changes to the D: drive. "because Windows actually boots from the "System Reserved" partition." I'm going to do an experiment with this and report back. I had a couple of fat32 formatted partitions on my second drive. They displayed on the SL Desktop as "Untitled" and "Untitled 1". Sometimes I've been able to edit info in Finder and change the label. But other times, the option to rename the partition is not available and I have to rename the partitions under Windows Disk Management. Reading, I think this depends on whether the partition is NTFS or fat32. Now SL reads the label somehow also and changes the untitleds to real names. It makes me think that the Windows drive must be read by SL in order to discover the label/name change. So, that means I think that Rename Partition must be only cosmetic because the alternative means OS X renaming Windows partitions? Thanks for the link to the new documentation.
  6. "The 100MB 'System Reserved' partition is only available for Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Business and Windows 7 Enterprise editions." The large majority of computers sold to the public come with Windows 7 Home Premium, which has no 100mb System Reserved partition. Win7 will not create one either, with the SP1 upgrade. Once it's created, I don't think you can delete System Reserved without creating a problem. The correct way is to avoid having it created in the first place, even with Win7 Ultimate and higher. It's possible that SP1 could read the version of Windows and decide that it should have a System Reserved partition for the update to proceed. There are WinRecovery files and bootsec.bak in S.R. that can be put on the main Win7 partition with Home ... it's hard to say how smart the installer is. But this isn't going to impact jillions of MS users because most of them have no System Reserved and only a few delete System Reserved when they have the costlier versions. So 3.14r2 could be right. But he didn't give it a chance. The MBR of the drive which contained Chameleon should have been backed up. The Windows drive should have had Windows reinstalled to the MBR, and made primary boot/active. SP1 is certainly going to want to read that. Or, as you say, the OS X drive could have been unhooked. "On the other hand, if you once had a System Reserved partition on your Windows 7 installation but deleted it when or before installing Mac OS X on your system, the above will not work. In that case you will need to run the original Windows 7 installation as an upgrade and then run the Service Pack 1 installation after all other updates. You may need to reactivate and/or reinstall your third-party boot manager if setting the active partition back to the originally active partition does not work." Mulcyber: I think this might work if it recreates System Reserved, even if it has been deleted, if there is still unallocated space for it. I think this "expert" may have been talking about both OS on 1 drive. I responded to this post first because it didn't require the thinking that your other post did, Gringo. Your thought expression in English prompted this memory. The sun doesn't shine on the same burro's rear every day. Your camel doesn't defecate dates every day. Pithy cross-cultural shared meanings.
  7. I didn't know that about using the label method. Some people have Win7 and SL on the same drive, and when they try the SP1 upgrade to Win7 it fails with Chameleon in the MBR. When I did my update from SL 10.6.6, on the second drive, I set the Bios to boot the second drive as primary so it would always see Chameleon. Better safe than sorry. How does one distinguish Pi from a truly random number with resorting to AIT definition? ~ oracle
  8. If you are using Windows and Easybcd to boot Windows and Chameleon from there, you can't change your com.apple.Boot.plist, it's fixed. If you want to enable com.apple.Boot.plist, boot from from your second drive directly into Chameleon. The choice between booting from drive0 (Windows) and drive1, SL, is made in Bios. The part which just shows drives, and not the part which gives you boot preference order: cdrom or usb stick. I mean the option select, which is harder to find. If you are not having a problem booting into Chameleon, and you just mean you want Windows to be the default, "For default boot partition add this to com.apple.Boot.plist <key>Default Partition</key> <string>hd(x,y)</string> whereas x is your hdd number and y is your partition number (you will get this info in Disk Utility and in Terminal with: diskutil list)" The problem with booting Windows from Chameleon is that there are several reports (Gringo) that Windows will not come out of hibernation correctly if it is not directly booted from drive0 (Windows drive). I avoid this by using (on my system) the F12 key at startup which lets me pick which drive I want to boot from. On my system, I then use shutdown, not restart, to change from one OS to the other. boot.ini worked for Windows XP.
  9. People are attracted to cults. All religions start as cults by definition, but are just one expression of an underlying universal archetypal drive. Nearly everyone has an addictive personality, whether its computers or sugar, etc.
  10. boot0 is 512 bytes written to the beginning of the first sector of the hard drive, commonly called the MBR. Did you reinstall Chameleon so that boot0 is installed? And the other two Cham files, boot1h and boot go the root partition of SL. Without this, SL will just boot from a boot cd, not the hard drive. Chameleon can be installed manually. http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2009/11/how...ually-from.html For Windows, there is a free bootloader called Easybcd which will let you choose booting from the SL hard drive, as a temporary measure. Hard drives are physical, and it's possible but rare, that the needed area on your hard drive to store the boot0 file has been corrupted. Actually, I think this is very unlikely in your case/error messages. Most likely, a manual reinstall of the three files for Chameleon will solve your problem. When you run [url=&quot;http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/&quot;]#####[/url], installing the Cham bootloader to the hard drive is an option you have to check mark, and you may have forgotten to do that.
  11. IPS Driver Error on Forum

    This error occurs when the highest percentage of users are trying to access the website so I think it is a result of too much demand on the servers = not enough servers. Otherwise, scheduling maintenance during peak user demand period is a mistake made by people with less competency, so I don't believe your story.
  12. As usual, one starts at the beginning and then put in lots of effort. Do you already know the basics of any kind of programming? James Bucanek, "Beginning Xcode" or Learning iPhone Programming: From Xcode to App Store By Alasdair Allan Publisher: O'Reilly Media 2010 | 384 Pages | ISBN: 0596806434 | PDF | 5 MB "Get the hands-on experience you need to program for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With this easy-to-follow guide, you'll build several sample applications by learning how to use Xcode tools, the Objective-C programming language, and the core frameworks. Before you know it, you'll not only have the skills to develop your own apps, you'll know how to sail through the process of submitting apps to the iTunes App Store. Whether you're a developer new to Mac programming or an experienced Mac developer ready to tackle the iPhone and iPod Touch, Learning iPhone Programming will give you a head start on building market-ready iPhone apps."
  13. iLeopod assumes you changed your Bios settings to start with, but I don't think that is safe to assume. Did you change your Bios first?
  14. @ iLeopod I'm not an nForce owner, I read this in a guide, because I wondered about what Bios settings needed to be changed. Nearly all guides for all Hacks say to change to AHCI mode. How about in this 650i case? 4.2 – Next, configure SATA to run in AHCI mode in the Integrated Peripherals menu. You’ll need to set both PCH SATA Control Mode and Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode to AHCI. http://www.hackint0sh.org/f181/55136.htm An older distro guide. " 5. Go into BIOS and set these options: * HPET: Enabled * Jmicron SATA Controller: Disable * Onboard IEEE1394: Disable [you can enable it after the installation] .... Download the NForceATA Driver to your desktop [Thanks to medevil] Open terminal and type the following: sudo -s cp -R ~/desktop/AppleNForceATA.kext /system/library/extensions/ chmod -R 755 /system/library/extensions/AppleNForceATA.kext chown -R root:wheel /system/library/extensions/AppleNForceATA.kext rm -f /system/library/extensions.* diskutil repairpermissions / (might take a while, be patient) exit"
  15. What DON'T you do in OS X?

    I like FireFox because with about:config, userChrome.css, and userContent.css a user can fix the font size in just about any area of the browser, whereas Internet Explorer and Safari are limited in this regard. I do lots of searches and comparisons. Windows and Linux permit two or more instance of FireFox to run at the same time. Hack doesn't and though sometimes running FF and Safari at the same time works out, still one doesn't have the easy "Show Windows" options available from the taskbar to automatically share the Desktop viewing. I had somebody try to tell me that multiple tabs fixed all this. Windows XP had the worst default viewing and font structure that I've ever encountered in modern times. And it was a pain to fix it. Windows 7 and Hack are ok, but don't compare with Pinguy, a Ubuntu 10.10 derivative. Hacks inherit the momentum and mystique of the era in which Macs were superior, especially for video stuff. Now, 15% of Mac laptops require repair in the first year, although the Desktop percentage is 7, which is good. I think normal users are attracted to Hackintosh because they don't know that it's a geek hobby; at this stage I see minor pros and cons for the average user, in choosing a Mac or Windows or Linux/Pinguy. A few big specific advantages more for the professional/specialist user with one OS over the other OS. Hackintosh is very expensive time wise for an average user to install. To close another topic, I don't think Linux does much for Hackintosh since HFS+ journaled became the standard, such as deleting kexts. Some of the linux commands (dd, lspci) have been ported to Hacks. But most people wonder about installing Hack from Linux and I don't think so.