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  1. Teclado ABNT2 no Mac EDITADO 11/08/08 :D

    vcs já tentaram usar isso no novo Word 2008? as dead keys funcionaram em todos os softwares da suíte menos no Word.... alias.. só a tecla com "?/" não funcionou no Word, pois a tecla com "\|" funcionou.... bizarro não? alguém teve o mesmo problema? sabe se é alguma configuração do Word?
  2. Realtek RTL8187(L)

    the authentication doesn't work still.... dammit!
  3. does it works with x1950xtx? if doesn`t could you add x1950xtx device id on it? 7240? ill test if you want, np with that thank you! i`m really desperate =(
  4. Sapphire x1950xtx - Works full CI QE Rotation etc

    i have same problem here =(
  5. Christmas Miracle ! Juhui !

    it worked for me too but the noisy fan (at max speed) is a problem =/
  6. not working with radeon x1950xtx

    i have a sapphire radeon x1950xtx 512mb ... with natit.kext only it's recognized as x1950 series w/ 256mb and no QE/CI/res change... with natit and the provided ati kexts, all i get is a blue screen of death... now, it's working with the ati kexts that came with jas dvd of the 10.4.7 release with QE/CI/res change and it's recognized as x1900 series with 256mb os version = 10.4.8 and semthex kernel 8.8.1 any1 got this card to work flawlessly? the installer doesn't work also.. i'm using pacifist to install it. device id is 0x7240 and vendor is is 0x1002 could someone help me? thanks
  7. Well, after 4x re-installs of the systems I finally got it to work, and i`ll tell you how it was done. Like JaS said, you should start booting with arguments -v -f -s -x And then enter this command at the prompt: mount -uw / mv /system/library/exrensions/r2d2.kext /system/library/extensions rm -rf /system/library/extensions.mkext rm -rf /system/library/extensions.kextcache Note: if I didn`t delete these last 2 files, when i booted with -x argument, the computer simply shut down. lol now, reboot with -x argument to get into visual safe mode - put osx86 dvd into the disc and then install the GMA900 package. - open disk utility, repair permissions - reboot here`s the diff part, cuz i won`t work yet.. reboot in safe mode again with -x argument - put os86 dvd and install the radeon x1600 package - open disk utility and repair permissions - reboot and now, everything worked fine! thanks, please tell me your experiences with same hardware.