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    So I am trying to recreate the work you have done. This is where I get lost. I went to those websites and was confused out of my mind. I am hoping you can help with a bit of clarification. I used nvcap maker 1.4 to get my string, after that I have no idea what to do. My string came out as 0400000000000300000000000000000700000000 The website for display-cfg string either wasn't clear or I misread it, but I still do not know how to create one. Do both the nvcap and display-cfg string go into the dsdt, and if so how and where. I have DSDT Editor and my dsdt has 7853 lines. I was able to add 0x120010de to the gf100hal kext easy enough, however I have no idea if that number varies from system to system or if I am able to use it. I have been trying to figure this out for awhile now. I am tired, and I am going to bed. Thank you for your help with such a new learner to this wild world. PsychoStar