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  1. NEED HELP: ASUS P5QPL-AM Mac OSX 10.6.3

    Props to you for posting assistance to his laziness rather than flaming him like sooooo many others/forums do. Also, your post assisted me as well
  2. Acer Aspire One Netbook guide

    Can someone create a 'stickied' guide/tutorial for setting up the aspire one netbook. I am still trying to get mine to function properly. When I search, there are just wayyyy to many threads out there that are empty and asking 'how to this, my system doesn't do that, etc etc'. I know that there are alot of guides and tut's out there but they are buried under a lot of what I said before. I unfortunately do not have the luxury of owning a mac, nor do I have anyone close by, or in the country, that has one. So if I screw something up, I cant figure out how to get it all back, and when I try the restore it always fails at boot. So I start from scratch and can no longer find the sites from before. I know there is the Genius Bar which holds a plethora of guides and what not, but its 35 pages worth that still has things buried. BTW, Nice rebuild of the site. Thanks