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  1. Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet

    Hi everybody. I have installed the iATKOS S3 (SN 10.6.3) on my X61. Well after installing some Kext and adding the HEX string to the apple.boot.plist most of the hardware woks fine for me. However, still have some problems. 1) The display works fine, the brightness control does not. I have included the string to my apple.boot.plist as described in the brightnescontrolPack for the X61. And the Intel X3100 works perfectly but without brightness control Anyone a solution on that? 2) Installing the Sn 10.6.3 transformed my thinkpad x61 to a MacBook Air ;-) because only the USB-ports at the left side of the laptop do work, the one on the right, which is the one i prefer to use, does not! Whats wrong here? 3) The most important point! How about a software to control the fan. Im mostly using a windows 7 OS and together with a fan-control-software my X61 is 90% of the time absolutely quiet, despite the HDD! Using OSX, the fan is running nonstop which firstly, is not necessary as the temperature is at about 42C and secondly, this running fann is extremely annoying. While using W7 i have forgotten how loud the x61 fan really is. If there is no solution to that (i would even pay for that if necessary) this will sooner or later be the end of the OSX project on my x61. Sadly! If anyone has working solutions for that please contact me. Thanks in advance cheers rob