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  1. can it be installed on a mbr partition? If so... how?
  2. Someone has tried it with GA-EP35-DS3 ? I have this motherboard, and a Radeon HD4870 videocard. Can Lion be installed with this method? Actually I have 10.6.5 SL with no problems, installed via hackbootCD. Thanks in advance
  3. Well, it seems that this time is working with applehda I don't know what I did wrong, but obviously I did something wrong because now everything is up and working (I think ) Is there some way to boot with hacklitev3 without errors? It seems that it loads voodoohda and that's why it hangs. It's for next time Thank you for your help
  4. Well, then I guess I do something wrong... I have deleted voodoohda.kext from System/library/extensions, and restore applehda.kext in the same place. When I reboot, I got no sound... In preferences I still have a VoodooHDA panel in complements, and the sound menu says that no sound device has been found. It seems that applehda is not loading and that something of voodoo is still loaded. For now I have removed again applehda and reinstalled voodoohda, while I wait for any solution... Thank you!
  5. Well, finally I got it working. I don't know how to verify if everything is correct or if some piece is misconfigured, but it apperently works fine. What I've done after some web-digging is to remove AppleHDA.kext located in /System/Libraries/Extensions. After that everything is working, even the audio with the VoodooHDA and I can boot normally. I even have updated SL to 10.6.5 without problems, but obviously I have had to remove again appleHDA.kext to be able to boot again (same problem). What I can't understand is why this problem is happening to me since the audio integrated in this motherboard is the very same as in the p35-ds3... Why (e)p35-ds3 owners can boot without this problem (or even boot the install of SL via hackbootv3 lite without problems) and I have struggled to do the very same? What's the difference? Maybe some BIOS setting? And the problem with the hour continues. In SL, I boot and the hour is correct, but when I reboot in win 7 the hour is one less than the actual... X-files? It hasn't happened before installing SL. Any tips? Thank you for everything MaLd0n !!
  6. Here is the photo using -v without CD and a photo of the system booted with -x, with the Extra folder, just in case. Another thing I've noticed is that everytime I boot SL (with -x) the time changes 1 hour less, so when I switch to win 7 is one hour less than the actual.
  7. I can't understand, but with hackbootv3 lite it can't even start the install. When the dvd is initializing there are some errors and it hangs. The only way I can enter the installation is with nawcom, but it seems to install kexts. I still can enter SL with -x switch in chameleon rc5, and it seems to work the 4870 and the rest, but I don't know why I can't boot normally. How can I "clean" the boot?
  8. Yes, i didn't do anything else. Just the install with nawcom bootcd (maybe that's the problem...), and in fresh install I did your guide with the file you sent me. And the reboot was without bootcd, only choosing verbose boot in chameleon screen. Maybe nawcom is installing files, so tonight I will try with the HackBootLiteV3, but I don't know if it will work since the hdd with the osx partition is MBR, is that a problem? By the way, I only could enter in verbose mode choosing it in chameleon... is there another way to get in verbose mode (or safe mode) without chameleon? I've read -v and -x switches, but I don't know where to type them. Thank you (again)
  9. Ok, I have tried... AHCI "problem" is solved thanks to your tips. Now I can boot in windows 7 without changing anything. On the other side... I have installed 10.6.3 from retail dvd with nawcom bootcd. No problems. After the installation I have followed your guide: Copied extra folder, installed chameleon, dsdt generated and copied to extra folder, and reboot in verbose mode. It hangs and do nothing... I have attached a pic of the screen in verbose mode... I need help Thank you!!
  10. Thank you! I will try it tonight, because right now my vga is not detected, my cpu is detected as xeon, etc I will tell you the results And one more thing... can i disable ahci mode on BIOS once snow leopard is properly installed? My windows 7 can't start with ahci mode enabled, and it's a pain disabling it when I want windows and enabling it when I want osx. Thank you in advance
  11. Hi First... sorry if my english is bad I'm totally a noob in osx86, so I'm trying to learn my own "how-to" My system is this: GA-EP35-DS3 Ati HD 4870 club 3D 4GB Ram Quad Q9450 Monitor 1900x1080 Right now i have Windows 7 in my main hdd, and I've prepared another hdd with a partition for OSX. They're both in MBR. I tried to install the retail DVD of Snow Leopard 10.6.3 with Nawcom's BootCD, and it seems fine, I just had to erase the partition using HFS+. Now I don't know what to do to get everything working. My graphics are in 1024x768 and I don't know what else (if anything) is not configured properly. Will your method work on my system (MBR)? It's the difference between GUID and MBR so important? And for dual boot, what would you recommend? Chain0 or chameleon? Thank you in advance, and sorry for my long post