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  1. If you are referring to the memory amount reported by the VBE driver, than that's perfectly ok. For some reason nvidia Boards expose only 256 of the 512 Megs of memory if the card is used with VBE-BIOS calls. The OSX drivers seem to detect the real 512 MB of memory correctly on their own. I've played around with "memzise" keys Info.plist and I somehow got my system to boot with a black screen without crashing. I can log in via VNC and take a look at the System Profiler. The card is detected correctly, but the "Displays" section is filled with empty "Display" subsections. The number of empty Display subsections (I've had 1 or 2) depends on wether I have "@1,..." entries in the Info.plist or not. Funny thing is, once the system has booted one time, I can change the memsize param to what I want, OSX always detect the correct amount of 512 MB on next reboot. So my current problem is the card being detected properly, but none of my attached display-devices end up being detected/used for some reason. I've tried filling my EDID information in Info.plist and so on, but with no success. I've no idea what could possibly cause that problem. Any ideas anybody?
  2. Okay I did (or want to) try some stuff: Since our problems are memory amount related, I first of all wanted to try to understand why the vesa driver detects only 256 MB of memory. So I've managed to access the video bios (vbe) via protected mode far pointers and I've managed to read the "TotalMemory" field from the cards information that is exposed via vbe. And for some reason my 7900 gtx says it only has 256 megs of ram. I did not find any indication for a upper memory limit in the vbe 3.0 standard, maybe its a bios bug or maybe something else. Does anybody have an idea if this could be somehow related to our problem? If the nvidia driver (or even maybe titan/natit) base their decisions on how to fill efi information, etc on bios info or vesa driver, than that would be the point where we should start looking for a solution. My next step will be to get the Natit source and see what it exactly does. Is the vesa driver part of the kernel sources? Maybe guessing memory amount based on vendor and model fields from vesa info could help to... EDIT: 1. I've started with a MacOSX fresh install, started SSH and VNC Server 2. Installed the new Natit_uni -> System boots into black screen "crashes and burns" 3. Added the key memsize with value 536870912 to the entriesToAdd section of Natit's Info.plist (just like fboffset) -> System boots, black screen, but *no* crashing. 4. Ping works, ssh works, vnc works -> System Information shows Geforce 7900 GTX, VRAM 512 MB RAM, and all IDs correctly. Problem: Under "Displays:" there are just two empty "Display:" Sections. 5. In addition to 1024x768 now 800x600 is available in display settings.
  3. GeForce 7900 GTX, 512 MB, same problem here: - Titan: Screen screen goes blue for a second and then black, system hangs. - Natit: Screen goes black right away. NVDANV40Hal is loaded prior to Titan/Natit. Is this normal/desired behaviour? Guys what do you think: Are those problems related to the drivers or to Titan/Natit? Maybe Leopard will ship with newer driver versions, could that maybe fix our problem?
  4. TUBGIRL 10.4.8 SSE2 AMD

    Okay I replaced the mach_kernel on the tubegirl amd sse3 ppf2 iso with the exp6 kernel. Cd boots fine, I do get the graphical installer (without keyboard). Kernel boots fine, and for a split second I can see the graphical mode (blue background) but then it goes black and hangs. Maybe this is a titan related issue? Any ideas? Going to sleep now. madre42 -- Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe, Athlon64 3200 (SSE2), Geforce 7900GTX.