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  1. G74SX Lion Install Tutorial

    A new update.. I am just getting familiarized with OSX. I did find that I can change the Resolution after i install VMsvga2 without any problems. I just didn't know where the settings where to change my desktop resolution....done now though. Runs just like native, until I attempt to run something in High Resolution. Not a big deal really, I can keep things in smaller windows on this 1920x1080 space.
  2. G74SX Lion Install Tutorial

    I did manage to get this to work in VM just fine. If the WiFi doesn't work and a kext doesn't exist i will just wait a bit...The VMWare version with updated graphics only drawback is "almost" full screen, but i find when i am using it i don't notice at all.
  3. IDT High Definition Audio Driver

    my laptop requires this too. I used the HDAVoodoo kext and it works. I just can't adjust the volume
  4. leopard installer not seeing hdd

    format the HD in some kind of format. then restart. use the Disk utility from the Mac os Installation disk and "erase" to HFS+ (journaled)
  5. You were right Performance was really bad. Did actual install instead. Happy with my decision. Non VT-x owners get pwned. oh well
  6. hahah FAILED!! now for real install instead of a VM
  7. It does. I got it working but the performance was so bad that I decided to go with a full on install. I have no patience for a slow VM. The my attention shifts before a program opens.
  8. thank you, From what i have read i don't think it is a good idea to take this route. I downloaded a VM image that ran but was incredibly slow. I ended up going with a Dual boot option that became a triple boot option. All is well now. thank you for your hard work, I learned a lot from your posts.
  9. DV7-1273CL Experience

    I had been messing with this for quite some time. It all started with attempting to install a Atkos into a VM in my windows7 HP machine. It was a giant story of epic fail!! I found that without the Vt-x capability of my Intel T6400 processor my vm would keep getting a kernel panic and fall like communism. I did get one downloaded an easy bake VM image to function but it was really slow and all in Russian. Since I didn't have any ability to Изменить язык I was required to start from scratch again. There were several CPU ID patches available but none of them worked. So I went for the Dual boot option. I had several lessons learned from this and i was hoping to pass this along to any other dual boot, or even Triple Boot hopefuls. The lessons I learned are as follows. There is a built in program for Window$ 7 called BCDEDIT. It can be brought up using an admin enabled command prompt. It is also useful to flag the bootable partition There are various how-to's available all over the M$ website. A factory install of most Window$ systems has the recovery partition to boot from and it is the location of the Window$ boot manager. A fresh M$ installation builds a 100MB partition that becomes the bootloader partition. It is really easy to find. You wouldn't believe the hell I had trying to boot directly from my operational Window$ partition. This is important when following instructions because most of them tell you to select your Window$ partition to boot into not the Recovery partition. Fresh Window$ installs make their own partition as the bootloader because of the absence of a recovery partition. Backups will save your ass. Luckily, I just had video games on my Window$ partition. I just installed them again. I would suggest using partition imaging tools, like Clonezilla, being a Linux fan-boy you can't trust my option though. Window$ also has a partition editor that doesn't fool around called DISKPART I used it to flag, unflag my partitions. FDISK is dangerous, without proper nerd supervision.Flagging my future OSX partition as the bootable partition and unflagging my M$ boot partition will make the OSX86 installation leave your boot partition alone. iDenebV1.6 is a harsh untamed mistress. Luckily I had on my good whoring spurs. I know these things are obvious to the seasoned users. If i had seen and bothered to pay attention to a post with this information I could have saved a week of my life, now gone. :censored2: If you guys want some details then just ask. I would be happy to tell you what I know. I can even take a bit of flaming. I plan on posting a tutorial from start to finish on my blog evilsquelch(dot)com but you didn't hear it from me shhhhhh.
  10. I have been attempting to run "Any" OSX in a vm on my windows7 laptop. I have a T6400 processor and i know that it does not have VT-x support. I continually get the Disable CPU error, and i cannot use the Macosx patch that you supplied. It continues to say that i am not allowed to run it on this machine. I just return to Windows NT setup and go from there. Is there any specific way to get past this CPU fault even though I do not have a VT-x capable processor? I have been looking around but see nothing specific. EDIT: by the way i have no CPUID options after applying the patch nor after importing the guest VMX. I have looked at the tutorial to follow but it stops me at the "if you do not have vt-x" it wont work. I know there has to be a way
  11. I am getting the same thing Nick, i think your CPU may not have the vt=X support just like mine doesn't. I did find something i am trying right now that may help you. I will keep you updated if it works for me http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=232183&hl=
  12. I was hoping to go with a VMware alternative but it seems the T6400 Intel prevents it. thank you for this i will try this later this week. I will post results and Dv7 specs
  13. thanks for the post, but it seems that i will not be able to do any VM emulation. According to Several posts, a non vt-x CPU will not allow me to do this. I have a Intel T6400
  14. Introduce yourself

    Hello, i have been hopping around in these forums for about a week i figured i might as well become a member. I have been attempting to install a vmware install on a machine that has a processor that doesn't support Vt-x. This has proven to be a headache. I am learning a lot about kernel extensions and if i ever get one working well i will move up to the dual boot. I will post any successful progress but currently there is none to report. I am currently trying IDeneb_V.1.4_10.5.6 changing attempting each of the kernels. So far i keep getting that "processor reset" fault and will need to keep searching. thank you guys for your help thus far