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  1. Burn bootable dmg from Win?

    Hey there I have tried the method of taking a .cdr, changing it to .iso and burning it to a single layer dvd using alcohol and then imgburn. The mac is at the moment running tiger. I have so far got the mac to read the disc, - it displays the files on the disc, a few pdf files, and an executable file which leads to a screen that initiates the install process by restarting the computer. At this point it throws up an error and refuses to restart. [sorry cant remember the exact error since I last tried this a couple of weeks ago]. Basically I have burnt a few discs so far, from different image files using different burning software, and the same thing happens each time. The PC I am using is almost brand new and hasn't been near any smokers, so i assume the DVD burner is OK (I have burned music and films with it). Dunno about the state of the Macs drive, but I did clean it using a drive cleaning CD. Before I go down the route of questioning the hardware, does anyone know if there are any specific setting to use when burning the DVD other than a 1x write speed and .iso? thanks Andrew