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    Static & popping on hackintosh audio

    Using SSE2 in voodoo HDA seems to remove the popping sounds when playing music.
  2. Ben333

    Static & popping on hackintosh audio

    Haha!! That just completely fixed the hissing issue, thanks man! Such a simple problem, I think I even noticed that control but didn't bother to change it. Hopefully my audio tracks won't pop anymore either, I'll report back.
  3. Running 10.6.6 on a GA-P55M-UD2, voodoo HDA for the audio -- the latest one I think. (I didn't have these problems on 10.6.0 without an additional audio driver) Lots of noise on the headphone jack and line out, using headphones or my stereo, and an added crackle or pop sometimes on certain beats in music. To add a little more to my post, here's some pics of the finished build And the audio info: If anybody can help, thanks in advance! I love my music... and I'm playing it all the time on this machine so fixing this would be great.
  4. Well, the only one still being sold on newegg that you listed is the ASUS P5KPL-AM/PS or the ASUS P5KPL-AM EPU. The others I could not find... I'd like a board than can do at least 8 gigs of RAM. s775 is ok also I guess, in a way its better because I'll save some dough but still have a nice amount of ram and a quad core. I appreciate the personal reply rather than "use the search" or "google it" because theres a ton of boards out there and software is always changing. I have indeed been doing a good amount of research but can't decide on anything I've found. A new Gigabyte P55 board sounded good till I read somewhere that only the early version of it had a compatible audio chipset or something like that.
  5. All I mean is that I want to be able to make it perfect with minimal patching. If I can do a retail install, but need to throw in a couple ktexts to get everything working like a retail machine that's fine. Basically... just someone recommend me a board. It doesn't even have to be mATX I guess... Whatever is the best choice, or is so easy / works so well you'd say it has to be one of the best. Something still sold would be good too... I'm thinking of another (had one previously) EP45 - UD3P but don't want to buy used.
  6. I'd think that there's someone here looking over these threads thinking they had a real easy time with the board they chose... or someone up to date on hardware that can think of all the chipsets, etc and which board would be easiest. I'll look over there but input from someone who knows their stuff would be appreciated.
  7. Can anyone tell me a good one? I'm going to be doing a G5 powermac mod, one I think will look better than many I've seen. I don't care if it's a 775 board or one for the newer i5 / i7 CPUs... but 775 would be easier for me to build on a budget. Don't mention a board if it isn't perfect, I'm looking for the easiest install. Something i can use a retail disc on and update, put it to sleep, use the audio, etc... The kind of board you'd use if you wanted to trick someone. Since I'm buying the board specifically for a hackintosh I'd like to get the best one. Low price is good but not required if with a cost comes a better experience. mATX I've decided would also be a plus. Going to be putting together a quad core box with atleast 4 GB of ram. I wan't it to run final cut and other software and maybe do some gaming.