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  1. I'm using the official Ralink driver, which is the same I've used in iAtkos distros and never freezed nor collapsed when running these apps. Forgot to mention that I created the installer with MyHack and a retail 10.8 image
  2. Hello! I've been using this Hackintosh computer for a while and I've been quite happy with it since it works smoothly with a Ralink DWA-125 Wi-Fi dongle but I've been having this little issue I haven't found an answer to… My Wi-Fi connection freezes and collapses when I'm running apps as Logic or Pro Tools and when I try to load a webpage I get a "Unable to connect to the Internet" message, which appears not only on Chrome but also in Safari, Firefox and any other browser. I included a screenshot. I highly doubt it's a hardware problem since this didn't happen with iAtkos or Kalyway distros while using the same apps I mentioned above. How can I solve this issue? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Forgot to mention that I created the installer with MyHack and a retail 10.8 image. I had the same issue with 10.6 and 10.7, both installations created from retail images.
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    Dock help!

    Hey folks. I recently managed to update Kalyway 10.5.2 to 10.5.8 with some scripts I found on the net. The problem is, after I log in for the first time -and everytime I log in-, I don't see my dock on the bottom of the screen, I tried turning hiding off, deleting the preferences file, logged out, rebooted, tried to repair permissions, but I still see nothing. Can anybody help me?
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    Okay, everytime I use (or not) my computer, I randomly get that Basso sound, even though I'm not running any app on the background. It's funny when it sounds in the perfect time, but somtimes is annoying. Someone out there knows how to fix it? Thanks in advance.