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  1. Would love to see support for the Intel 4965. I'm willing to donate to help the guys developing.
  2. bolen

    TSC sync XNU patch

    Does the Voodoo kernel use the TSC sync patch? If so I will try it out. I've got a Dell D430 running with both cores thanks to this patch but I've got no sleep support. I'm about to test out the SpeedStep kext from your signature now. EDIT: I installed the voodoo_alpha13 kernel and it turns out that I can boot it without problem. How ever.. the sleep still doesn't seem to work. Any ideas? Do I need some special AppleSMBBios?
  3. bolen

    QE not working on 10.5.3 on 8800GT

    I'll just add my experience.. used NVinject before the update. QE stopped working after the 10.5.3 update. Tried installing the NVinstaller v.41 without any success.. I'll guess I'll have to wait.
  4. bolen

    So I want to build a hackintosh

    My setup below works flawless. But it seems like my 7800GTX got some performance issues.. so a newer, more supported, one would be a better choice.
  5. bolen

    OSX does not boot

    Always write down computer specs, installation method (like EFI/MBR/GUID and so on). Which "OSX Leopard for AMD" did you use? The problem sounds like a grub configuration error. Maybe this thread can help you out. Good luck!
  6. bolen

    Help wanted. (Original Leo + EFI v8)

    Have you tried replacing AppleACPIPlatform with another one? Don't forget to repair permissions.
  7. Thank you for the reply! But I made the decision to reinstall everything. Popping in my Retail DVD while in my current Kalyway and used your scripts to install onto another disk! Now everything is working as it should! Thank you so much! [sOLVED] EDIT: Do'h.. everything's working except Microphone Input.. Last time (with Kalyway) it worked with your kext files. (ACLinject and AppleHDA). The output works just fine.. but input is either non existent or distorted even crackles.. or something like that. EDIT2: Solved the issue with the microphone.. turns out that I don't have the ALC889a.. I've got ALC885. Made a dump from Linux and used AppleHDApatcher with great success! Now everything is working!
  8. Hello people! First, thanks LS8 for the really great postisntall-script/patch.. it made my system fly right out the box! Except for one thing though.. my system can't sleep properly. When I put it to sleep.. it's like it's shutting down instead.. cuz when I'm trying to wake it up.. I just get the BIOS POST screen and I have to boot up the machine normally again. I installed Kalyway, mbr+efi (Dual boot with Win2k3 64bit if that matters). Then I patched the system, installed the 10.5.2 patch from Apples homepage. Followed netkas's guide. After that I ran the LS8-script to install the sound-kext and so on. Everything works like a charm now, expect for the sleep. I also installed the latest AppleACPIPlatform.kext from irc.osx86.hu and updated the AppleSMBIOS.kext.. no Improvement. I belive that I'm running NVinject from 10.5.2 (also netkas).. at least System Profiler says so. Any ideas about the sleep problem? Btw, i'm running AHCI-mode and S3 in BIOS. Thanks!
  9. bolen

    Driver For The New GeForce 9600GT?

    I'm also interested in the 9600GT.. I believe it'll be my next card if there's going to be OS X support in the near future.