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  1. Hi guys, it worked for SATA ports on my ASUS P5K-SE, but my IDE DVD-RW stoped to work. The IDE controler is a Marvell, any chances to get this working with Dune drivers? Thnaks
  2. Asus P5K-SE

    I´m using the latest stock kernel, so the processor E2140 don´t enable the 64bits instructions of the kernel, just a hacked kernel can do it. So with my new E6750 no problems... Great job Andrly!!
  3. Asus P5K-SE

    Everything working now, but with only 3GB of RAM... with 4GB no deal. I`m waiting my E6750 and now using an E2140, and when I change to the new one will give another try with 4Gb and see what happens.
  4. Asus P5K-SE

    Hi guys, I instaled the ChaOSX and everything went ok, just the SATA 3 - 4 don`t working. Then I instaled the Andrly patch, ok all recognized, but when I try to instal my Logic Studio or expand any file bigger then 1.34gb it freeze the system and ask to reboot. When I reboot everything was there but crashes all the times. I tried without the patch with just SATA 1-2 and everything installs ok and extract big files too. I`m on a ASUS P5K-SE - Core 2 Duo E6750 - 4Gb Ram - GeForce 6600GT - Realtek NIC - IDE DVD-RW (Marvell) - 2x Seagate 320GB SATA 2 (ports 1-2) - 1x Samsung 80GB (port 3). Any ideas for what is happenig?