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  1. Hay all, I have installed the Snow leopard on vmware7 Workstation and Created some Microsoft word and Presentation files on the Mac with some other Digital Content on the Drive now I want to get that Data on my host Windows 7 HDD. I do try to mount the .VMDK file of the virtual machine using the VMWare Mount Utility but it does not showing any Data in the Drive instead of it gives error that drive need to be format.When i Hit the Format Now option it shows Another error message that drive is not Contain accessible Filesystem. Screen Shot Attached.For this I installed Mac Drive 8 to make the filesystem Accessible on Windows but same error Persists. Completely Confused about how to Copy the data to the Host without Reformatting the Drive Coz i need the Project Data from the Drive. Please Help Me...... Thanks n Advance...........
  2. Hay all, I have a Dell Inspiron N5010 Laptop with a Compatiable Hardware {as far as i think} Intel i5 M460 pro,4 GB Ram,1 GB ATI Readon Graphic Card,500 GB HDD , I downloaded Mac osx 10.6.6i by Hazard DVD image. I burned the DVD at the 4x {lowest value supported by my Media} when i pop it in the DVD bay it loads Boot loader saying that "Press any key to Startup Hazard 10.6.6i or Hit F8 for options" i hit the f8 and select the boot DVD to boot but i Flashes the silver loader of OSX and Suddenly restart the Laptop. I tried to enter the busratio=19{coz the Bus ratio of my processor is 19 as on intel website, but the same problem presist. Please help me.................