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  1. ATI Radeon HD 3200 OsX86

    I got it working in snow leopard the version shouldn't matter as long as you download the right one. I have a gateway M2626 with a ATI 3200 HD that was being difficult as well. I have spent 3 weeks looking for a way to get QE/CI working and so far there is nothing that is already put together you can use to do it. It would seem as far as the resolution goes Dongs frame rate buffer isn't happy unless it is installed perfect. So I am going to list step by step how I did it in hopes it will at least help some of you get resolution Here are the instructions. 1. Go download "Kext Helper B7" 2. Download the kext from Dongs post notice there is a difference between Leopard and Snow Leopard http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190586 3. Do show contents on the kext then go to "contents" 4. Open the .plist file with a text editor find EnableHWCursor and underneath it change true to false (this will fix the crazy mouse I tried this kext without changing it and the mouse was a big rainbow square) Save your changes 5. Now use the "Kext Helper B7" to install it into your extensions folder 6. Cross finger, or whatever you do for luck shut down reboot I did it "-v -f" in chameleon takes longer but it seemed to be needed. 7. Go in and change your resolution in the display screen of the system preferences If anyone has made headway with the qe/ci please let me know no the best programmer but I am willing to put in the time if anyone needs help to make headway. Also it looks as though 10.6.5 adds some new ATI kexts not sure if that helps the cause. Any questions I will be more than happy to at least lend what I know. Best of luck guys!