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  1. I was a bit early to celebrate, it does work from time to time. The old driver never worked, except right after restart, but this seems to work more often, but it's not reliable it seems. I used the built in screen share in osx. If it fails, my hack disappears from the sidebar on my MBA, but waiting a minute and retry it does connect.
  2. Thanks this drivers did wonders for me! Bonjour is working perfectly. Screen sharing is work too!
  3. NVIDIA GTX 285

    I installed 10.7 with ####### on my hack, just checked the graphicsenabler=yes and my GTX285 runs like a champ. I've not updated to 10.7.4, so I'm still on 10.7.3. I get 35.72 FPS in CB11.5 my device id is 0x05e3
  4. Hello, I have the Asus p5q-Pro with flashed bios as suggested in the http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=213336 Everything is working fine, except the integrated audio disappears from time to time. After a repair permissions and reboot it works again. No hissing or popping. Is there anyway to fix this? On the side note I have a Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 sound card too, which i use for recording and head phones, but i play music thru speakers from the built in.
  5. You could try nova bench, which is free too. as for CB11.5 results, I have a C2Duo E8500,@3.67GHz which is why you score higher.
  6. My GTX 285 also show linkspeed at 2.5 GT/sec I have a Asus P5QPro mobo GeForce GTX 285: Name: NVDA,Display-B Type: Display Controller Driver Installed: Yes MSI: Yes Bus: PCI Slot: Slot-1 Vendor ID: 0x10de Device ID: 0x05e3 Subsystem Vendor ID: 0x10de Subsystem ID: 0x0010 ROM Revision: xx.xx.xx - internal Revision ID: 0x00a1 Link Width: x16 Link Speed: 2.5 GT/s All benchmarks tells me that it is running optimal, so I don't think it's an issue. CineBench 11.5 gives me 29.7FPS which is normal for GTX 285. The card is blazing fast and have no issues either.
  7. Bluetooth woes

    i've had huge problems getting bluetooth to work on my 10.6.8 hack. Systemprofiler and bluetooth controlpane sees the dongle. The controlpane tells me: "Bluetooth power is off. To use Bluetooth, first you must turn it on." See screenshot from OSX below.
  8. VoodooHDA

    Works on my Asus P5Q Pro card, but there is some noise issues, both on the output in back and in front. Any solutions to this?
  9. Thanks a lot for the help. I have now a fully working machine! I did the bios mod flash tho, since it seemed pretty easy, and the mobo had an old bios anyway. The 9800GT was a miss, probably due to the card beeing a bit defective, it was crashing everytime I put it under load. I got a cheap GigaByte GTX 285 1GB dual DVI and it worked OOTB. After replacing thermal paste it runs stable on 3.67Ghz, peaking at 56C at heavy load over 3 hrs, could probably do more, but I won't risk it.
  10. The machine won't cost me much, and it's my secondary computer. I already have a working mac (MacBook Pro i5 15 inch) Reports about how the setup will work is what I'm after, or tips and tricks. Thanks for the info tho, I would have looked more into it if I wanted to build a new rig, and even the cheapest 1155/1156 builds would cost about three times the money I'm planing to spend.
  11. I've planning to replace my old hackintosh, which is a Dell Optiplex 745 Desktop(C2D 2.13GHz) Reasons for that is a few, but mainly because it has a weak PSU, Dell chipset and only low profile PCI. This machine have been perfect, except I bought a Asus 8400GS since the GMA3000 didn't support QE/CI and the onboard NIC didn't work too well so I added an old intel 10Mbit card which have been great too. Now I have a friend which is selling his old rig: C2D E8500 Asus P5Q Pro Nvidia 9800GT 512MB As far as I have read the 9800GT should be as easy as the 8400GS to get working. (THis is a awhile ago, i think I just added NVEnable or something.. It was at least installed with 10.5.6(?) iAtKOS and later updated to 10.5.8 with no issues whatsoever) What I'm looking for is a machine that will run OSX 10.6 and hopefully 10.7 when I get around to buy it, probably not until the after the summer so most bugs are ironed out. There is a little concern, as I have read around the forum the Asus P5Q Pro does not work with OSX unless flashing the bios. How great are the risks with doing this? And have anyone here good experiences with a similar setup as I'm planning to get?