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    Help E8400-CPU runs Hot

    so the system is running hotter in Native mode?? hmmm
  2. Clideven

    Help E8400-CPU runs Hot

    Hi thx for the reply Yes thats is why I want the kext to remove for native cpupowermanagement. So everything is working fine on my system?? (sorry I am noob) I thought my CPU would run at least cool as with Null kext ?!? cheers
  3. Clideven

    Help E8400-CPU runs Hot

    Nobody in here for some help ?????
  4. Clideven

    Help E8400-CPU runs Hot

    Hi, First of all BIG THX to all coders and developers for all the cool tools and fix for the OSx86 community. (Sorry for the bad english) My System Info Core2Duo E8400 CPU GA-EP45T-UD3P Mainboard ATI Radeon 4870 GPU I try to get rid of NullCPU, to finely enable sleep under 10.6.8 . Unfortunately the CPU run´s hotter without NullCPU under 10.6.8 (idle between 50-55 degrees celsius) Is this normal ??? because on 10.6.7 with NullCPU I have temp from 38 - 42. I also check under 10.6.7 what if I remove the kext, result is the same CPU runs Hotter I have made some pic from both Systems (just swap HDD rest of the PC is still the same). My goal is to keep the CPU cool (like it was with the NullCPU kext) and the System Vanilla as possible. I really don´t know how to achieve that so I hope someone can help me. 10.6.7 system info.zip 10.6.8 system info.zip
  5. Extra Folder from USB-Stick I think I got the BUG It´s something I was thinking it might be possible but don´t check until u remind me of it THX DUDE boot flag in boot.plist !!!!!! it had the Device Properties entry for the AppStore fix in my boot.plist I removed it and THX GOD I can boot thx iFIRE Extra.zip
  6. Nope It din´t help me DAMM I AM GOING CRAZY How can I solve this stupid bug But how can this effect the stick after skipping the boot drive couple of times?? that is something I don´t Understand... but thx for the Help I make a little break and check it later (1 hour) and give report
  7. thx for the idea but I already try till 8 am the boot options are now always -v -f -x I need All the Kext in E/E without Elliotforce.... get CMOS reset (really buggy) and so on.... I don´t see the Problem is the Kext.... they always worked and now after 1 year they should get bad like food ???? no way It must be something else but what ^^ thats the Million dollar Question also try to clear caches and so on.... GraphicsEnabler must be Yes because of my ATI card and so on but I will give It a try thx
  8. I did!! only Fake got KP now try Fake and Null ok no KP but same stuck @ ACPI_SMC_PLUGINS (my PC is now 5 min on and still no Boot) Like I already say for me It make no SENSE It´s not the first time I am doing this but I am felling like this? My Stick Boots the Installer and the HDD after installation but soon as I but Chameleon on the HDD BOOOMMM I am.......
  9. sure I need them for my System to work proper so if I take the Jmicron out the result is I can use My DVD Drive butI will give it a try but keep in mind my Stick with the same Kext boot the system !?!?! how is that possible if the same folder on the usb won´t work on HDD ???? thats the point Kernel Panic after booting with only Fakesmc!!! now I try both Fake and Nullcpu !! nope no Succes still same problem iFIRE?? do u got more Ideas ?
  10. Nobody got any Idea ??? It is the same thing after I reinstall OS X!! and now I don´t know what to do ?!?! I already made an Hackintosh with exact same config I getting crazzy {censored}
  11. Hi I am stocked with this message on Boot acpi_smc_platformplugin start waitforservice resourcematching appleintelcpupowermanagement timed out and can´t Boot my OS X 10.6 HDD (Even after 10 min) System Core2Duo E8400 GA-EP45T-UD3P ATI Radeon 4870 How do I get rid of this message?? and does anybody know when this message appears?? (sorry for my bad english) Unfortunately I don´t understand why I got this Message and can´t boot?? (It don´t really makes sense to me) After the installation everything is fine. But if I install chameleon on the HDD with all kext files (same kext as the USB-Installer file is attached)the message appears. Reboot from stick and repair permissions, but unfortunately it din´t help and after couple times of booting from the stick to solve that the Stick also stocks at the message Now I will do a clean Install Again (5th time) and post the result. I don´t know what I am doing wrong !? thanks for any Help good Hack
  12. first off all Tnx for the info, but unfortunately I can´t get the sound thru the green jack only the Black ???? OS X 10.6.8 but the same under 10.9.2 but thats another story. any idea??
  13. Clideven

    10.9 on GA-EP45T-UD3P install issues

    Success hab 10.9 am laufen mfg
  14. I would Say Success 10.9.2 is running on my System MOBO GA-EP45T-UD3P CPU E8400 C2D Grafik ATI Radeon 4870 Ethernet Realtek 8111C JMicron Controller works via kext (for IDE) C and P state works via DSDT Internet works via kext sound works via DSDT not 5.1 but it works iCloud and AppStore works via EFI-String hope this helps other with the same MOBO good hack and cheers
  15. TNX artur-pt The Drivers works on 10.9, so know I try to finish the Installation and give further report good Hack