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  1. Ok, 8 cores working, i was not used to the idle state of core c1-c3-c5-c7, they work when needed only anybody's got any imrovement concerning the power management of the ASUS P6TSE ?
  2. Hi, about busratio and iFabio's DSDT files... When I run CPU-X under OSX 10.5.7 i get BUSRATIO=21 and 7 cores. When I double-clic on the processor activity analyzer in the monitor, I can see my 8 cores running. The DSDT file is patched manually by deleting aliases. When I run CPU-X under SL 10.6.5 i get BUSRATIO=21.5 and only 4 cores. Only 4 cores running, the other 4 seem to be disabled or inactive. I've read some posts about the number of cores but with no real technical answer. I would like to check the processor speed, so anyone know an app that could do that ? Does anyone get the 8 cores ok with iFabio's DSDT files on SL or Leopard ? The correct busratio for my i7 930 should be 21 so why do i get 21.5 in cpu-x with iFabio's DSDT ? Thx