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    helping selecting destination on install!

    when i first start my computer, i get to use my OS selector. I select my what Mac OS on and it starts to boot up. I'm able to get past the grey screen with the Apple and then I get to the screen that says Starting up Mac OS. The problem is it starts to load slightly (so you can see the small blue bar loading) but then it stops. It doesn't go further than that though. I can post up pictures for you to see.
  2. drointhewind

    Toshiba Laptop Success Stories?

    this thread is great i've been able to install the OSX 10.4.7 onto my toshiba a105-s4004 but on my reboot i havent been able to get past the start up screen (where it says starting up in the grey box in the middle and the blue bar in the middle. has anyone been able to get further than this and can anyone help me out?
  3. drointhewind

    helping selecting destination on install!

    thanks a lot..the install worked...but now after I restarted it, the start up is essentially frozen and i can't get any further than it any more help? thanks a lot for everyones help.
  4. Hi everyone I've been trying to install Mac OS x86 10.4.6 on my toshiba. I partitioned the disk using acronis disk director suite 10 and used their OS selector as well. Everything went fairly well and fairly smooth until I had to select the destination for OS to be selected during installation. During that step, there were no disks for me to choose for the installation. Is there anyway to solve this problem? or will I be unable to install OS x86 on my computer?
  5. drointhewind

    Partition program needed

    disk director is very very hand.. as steve said good luck finding it thou
  6. drointhewind

    Would it work?

    haha i was wondering the same thing for my computer n00bs unite!