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  1. it stopped while loading the kernal part. I can give the exact message when i get home from work.
  2. The specs of my 2 computers were said in my first post
  3. I dont think ill ever get it to work. Do you remember what you did?
  4. Anyone? this forum kinda sounds like a dead forum takes forever for a response.
  5. I downloaded this one. Mac_OS_X_10_4_7_AMD_Intel_(JaS)_ISO_Repack_+-Demonoid.com- Shouldnt this one work? I have downloaded 10 ISO's now each one taking a whole week to download.
  6. I downloaded the latest copy of OSX. The DVD boots up in my DVD drive and then loads up a small white screen in the middle of my monitor with the apple restart button and says to please restart my computer. I turn off the power on my computer because that is the only way and I boot it back up and it says the same thing. Does anyone know why it is saying this and how to fix it? I have tried it on 2 computers. My desktop is a dell dimension 8200 with 512 ram two 200 gig HD's and 256 MB ati rage 9550 video card and a P4 2.4 ghz. My laptop is a sony vaio with pentium M 2.0 ghz 756 ram 30 gig HD. Please help!
  7. mac os x cd wont boot

    I have downloaded 4 Mac os X x86 images. None of them will boot up. I do have my computer set to boot from DVD. Can someone mail me a copy in the mail? I will pay threw paypal. Other than that I give up im just going to buy a mac.
  8. mac os x cd wont boot

    I looked on http://www.demonoid.com and they didnt have the updated one. I have dowloaded 3 torrents and none of them with ISO boot up. There is only one 10.4.7 and everyone says its corrupt.
  9. mac os x cd wont boot

    Thanks, im going to search for it now. After it is downloaded will the ISO be bootable?
  10. mac os x cd wont boot

    Can someone PM me a link. All I can find is the 10.4.3 version that I already have. Besides the version I have should work shouldnt it? It says it would work on PC's So if you have a link to the lastest one or can mail it to me via mail let me know in my PM box. CaUse I cant find the one you are all talkin about.
  11. mac os x cd wont boot

    can anyone explain were and what is the demon for us noobs. thanks
  12. mac os x cd wont boot

    I have 10.4.3 I could not find 10.4.7 so I will have to try to find a jas pack and download it. Also I dont know what a jas pack is and how to incorporate it into the ISO.
  13. mac os x cd wont boot

    I just downloaded the program and found my CPU does not support sse3. But does support sse2
  14. mac os x cd wont boot

    even though its old I still want to try to install it since I have it. So this means I wasted a download? Shouldnt it at least boot even if its old? chevy you got instant messenger?
  15. mac os x cd wont boot

    Hi, guys I am new to the board. I am having trouble installing OS X so please help me if you can. I have a dell dimension 8200. p4 2.4 ghz 512 rambus ram. 120 gig HD and a 200 gig HD both are IDE. Video card is ati radeon 9550 256 mb. Anyways I downloaded macosx_10.4.3_8f1111_for_dtk_userdvd. I burned it to a dvd and then had it boot up from the dvd drive. Somehow it does not boot up. It was an ISO image to. Even when windows is loaded up I click on the dvd and windows cannot even read the dvd. I dont understand why it wont boot up. Isnt it suppost to boot up? Im stuck Please help Thanks!!