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  1. Hi. Someone on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) with the same notebook as I have (Sony Vaio FS115x) said, his sound card is sometime detected. That did not happen for me, yet. Also, I wasn't able to find information how to get ICH6 HD Audio running. (It doesn't seem to be compatible to ICH6 AC'97). Did anyone get the Intel HD Audio or any HD Audio running? Thank you, Shizo
  2. shizo

    How to configure the Darwin Boot Loader?

    Thank you both for your answers. the boot option "rd=..." doesn't work. it just brings up the mac start streen with an error message.
  3. shizo

    If this would work ???

    Check these lists of hardware components: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCLPart
  4. Hi. I googled a bit but could not find any information on this topic. Which files configure the Darwin Boot Loader? I want to reduce the wait time ( 8 seconds actually) and change the default partition from Mac OS X to Windows. Does anyone know which files I have to look at or where I can find information regarding this topic? Greetings and thanks in advance, Shizo
  5. shizo

    recommend me hardware

    For $999 you can rent a X86 Mac developer machine for 18 months that matches your expectation. I don't understand why people would buy computers to run THIS os x version on it. The actual developer version of mac os x for x86 machines is not supported and will never be updated. It is missing a lot of drivers for peripheral hardware. Edit: There is no machine that would run OS X natively and "can play games good in windows" because the only fully supported graphic chip is this onbaord Intel 9something. I doubt that this chip is a good choice for running modern games.
  6. So, how was anyone able to install Windows in the first place? Anyway, when you are afraid to lose your original installation, then don't try to do a native OS X installation. The actual state of OS X on (custom) intel hardware is not worth the risc.
  7. Hi. Maybe, there's another way for you. I have the Sony Vaio FS115M. That does not allow to boot from USB either. Here is what I did: Install OS X as described on this page: http://xplodenet.com/ ( -> guide -> blue version) When you are finished, add the USB Drive to the VMWare installation as an additional harddrive and create an image of the virtual OS X installation with Norton Ghost or Drive Image inside the VMWare onto that drive. (I used Northon Ghost.) Now, having an image of OS X on that drive, you can recreate that partition onto your real HD. I got Norton Ghost on a bootable CD so I could use that inside the VMWare. Worked for me. OS X is running good. No sound so far (HD Audio Codec) an no native graphics support (Geforce Go 6200). Good luck.
  8. shizo

    Xbench scores (Intel native vs Rosetta)

    Results for my Sony Vaio FS115M (Pentium M 1.6, 512MB, 80GB HDD, Geforce Go 6200): 43 Points