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  1. Can Finder finally write to FTP Shares?

    I can write to FTP shares on Tiger. I don't know what you are doing wrong here ...
  2. Compiz, anyone done it?

    Al least, someone with a brain ... http://architectfantasy.com/?p=1 As usual, despite what the linux community is saying, theirs 'alpha-beta-rc4' features cannot compete with MacOSX/Windows. Almost all their desktop features are pre alpha quality softwares anyway.
  3. WWDC 08

    So now that Leopard is released, I can't wait for the WWDC 08. We will discover the next OS X release and it's top secret features (all the stuff scheduled for and missing in Leopard) Leopard is already outdated.
  4. Compiz, anyone done it?

    GNOME and KDE are a total rip off Vista/Mac OS X. Fast User Switching (Mac OS X) Desktop Search (Mac OS X) Bubble pop up from the task bar (windows) Black task bar with widgets (windows) Kickoff (windows) Plasma widgets (Mac OS X) http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/710rc http://polishlinux.org/kde/kde-4-preview-rev-723381/ It's what you are calling to be more creative ? let me laugh: mwhahaahahahahaahaha!!! And before you try it, no SPACES is not a rip off linux, it's a rip off CDE which was existing far before the beginning of KDE and GNOME. The OSS are like generic medications: they are cheap and work, but do not count on them to improve medicine.
  5. Compiz, anyone done it?

    Compiz, the only one windows manager that give me the nausea thanks to the crappy effects every where.
  6. Leopard = Vista?

    Not from Linux, from Unix dude... No extensive changes to the kernel ?! Rewritting the scheduler is not an extensive change? Modifying the whole operating system (and heavily the kernel) for the dtrace integration is not an extensive change ? Import the MAC framework in the kernel from trusted BSD is not an extensive change ? Out of the kernel Changing the way all unix daemons are launched is not an extensive change ? Make the system to fit he UNIX certification is not an extensive change ? Do you really know what you are talking about ? It's not because there is no significant changes in the GUI from Tiger to Leopard that there is no 'extensive' changes in the background ...
  7. Leopard Gold Master in 5 days?

    Yes, he just look retarded ...
  8. So who's gonna BUY it?

    Well, I was thinking that until Tiger was released but since, for each release, Apple announce new features that are never achieved (quartz 2D extreme announced for Tiger is not even present in Leopard). I don't know if I will buy leopard, because I will feel to pay for a part of the iPhone; do not forget why leopard has been pushed back, and perhaps why some features are missing in Leopard: Apple puts every engineer available to work on it at the expense of Mac OS X.
  9. ZFS... Check it out!

    A new marketing announcement for the futur 128 bit processors: "it speeds up zfs by XX %"
  10. a little birdie tweets - 9A559

  11. ZFS... Check it out!

    Just as he said that Apple will never make a phone, that Intel suck, etc ...
  12. ZFS... Check it out!

    So a lot of people are stupid. Almost all OS technologies for consumers came from the enterprise servers. http://opensolaris.org/os/community/zfs/whatis/ Give feedback about ZFS please
  13. a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    Well you mean that QuickLook can even reads a flat text file ...