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  1. [1337] QE/CI x3100 (GMA965 0x2a02) on Lion GM

    Im not in lion right now or I would check, but I think the default way dashboard shows up in lion doesn't do the ripple. You have to make it show up as a space or not as a space or whatever the opposite of the default is in lion to get the ripple. Once u do that, it ripples, lol.
  2. [1337] QE/CI x3100 (GMA965 0x2a02) on Lion GM

    You try running it in 32 bit mode? I have the same card, and in lion my graphics aren't as smooth as snow leopard, but I get the ripple in the dashboard which I read someplace means QE/CI is enabled. Anyone know if that's true? I'm running the stock graphics kexts btw.
  3. The thing is I changed a few things at once (usually not a good idea to do) out of frustration and it worked. So i don't know exactly which one of these things to tell you to do I would try a combination till it works, no harm in trying right. Heres what i did. Basically followed this tutorial http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=256729 I added my dsdt to the installer. Its unclear in alot of these tutorials, when to do this, before install or after, see what works for you. I ran that extra installation package on that tutorial but it doesn't really explain what it does, im guessing it adds the five files your supposed to copy over to the root of the installer. I wasn't satisfied with this so I copy and pasted them manually. U gotta show all files though to see them, they are hidden. After installing chameleon to the installer I went back in and added the appropriate extra folder with the right smbios. I think this is where most of your problems are, you might want to try this first. i have a core 2 duo mobile so i used macbook 4.1. I'm pretty sure i had done this before a few times. After all i've erased and started over trying to get this installer together probably 40 times. But when I actually opened the file and checked it had the wrong information in smbios You can find the appropriate extra folder for your processor here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=256729 The only kext i had in the extra/extensions was Fakesmc v3.1 Hope this helps some of y'all.
  4. How to Change Lion to 32 Bit Kernel?

    Hey there, unless something has changed in lion. arch=x86_64
  5. THANK GOD!!!! So I finally at least got to the lion installer, it's installing now. I don't wanna jinx it yet, but I think it's gonna work. This is the farthest I've gotten since I started this a week ago. Anybody else havin any luck? You still stuck rosa? Next time I post hopefully I'm on lion. Until then.
  6. Just to be clear, ico, you were getting the message about the kernelcache.playlist not being found (Like the picture on the first post), and you were able to get past it, and install lion? If so that's the first bit of good news I've heard on this since I've been messing with it. Which extra are you using? You have a I series core processor right?
  7. Dell Vostro 1510 DSDT

    Oh, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Haven't got to try it yet cause im downloading something. I will asap though. Thanks again. What was that about the dell shutdown though? P.S. From now on you will forever be known to me as MaLd0n the Great.
  8. Dell Vostro 1510 DSDT

    Here ya go. If something isn't right about this. Let me know I'll get whatever. Thanks for your help! Oops, Here it is. send_me.zip
  9. Dell Vostro 1510 DSDT

    Does anyone have a good modified or working dsdt for a vostro 1510? It would be greatly appreciated. Or if someone knows of the fixes that need to be made. Or how to find that out. Preferably, the dsdt would be from Dell Vostro 1510 Bios version A13 t5670 1.8 ghz intel core 2 duo x3100 intel graphics 4 gb ram But i'm interested in anything at this point. Thanks for your help.
  10. Gawd, this really sucks. Its amazing how snow leopard has no problems at all, but I can't even get the installer to come up for lion. Still stuck with that same error as Rosa. Ive tried DP4 and the GM. I've tried every tutorial I can find. I've tried it on partitions, usb, cd. I've tried -f, -F, -X, arch=i386/86_x64 and more and in all different combinations. I've tried several different chameleons. I've tried everything I could think of. Its extremely irritating. Does anyone, anywhere, have and ideas. Has anyone with a dell vostro 1510 got lion to work? I will try damn near anything at this point! Help please!!! Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Yeah I've got the same problem here. I've been working on it for like 12 hours straight to no avail. Anyone have any ideas on this? Im stumped. vostro 1510 t5670 1.8ghz core 2 duo 4gb ram
  12. Ok I installed the Vanilla kernel on my Vostro 1510 and with some tweaking and trial and error. I pretty much have everything working on it. Sleep was the last major battle, but something thats been bothering me the whole time is system profiler is showing my cpu speed as 1.62 ghz i have a 1.8ghz core 2 duo. Its weird though if i watch msr tools it shows both processors hitting 1.8 under load, but this is the only place really. geek bench shows 1.6 ghz, but also recognizes its a 1.8 ghz core 2 duo. Also system profiler says my bus speed is 718 mhz this doesn't seem right either. Any ideas? Attached is a screen shot showing what I mean. The other is just showing msr tools showing both processors at 1.8. I don't really trust msr tools occasionally it will show one of my processors running at aboe 3.6ghz for a few seconds. ha