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  1. BOOt sCreen FreeZe

    I'm having the exact same problem... on first boot, (10.4.8 JaS SSE2 on a Toshiba 6100), the grey spinner spins endlessly. On verbose boot, (or safe), it seems to be the mDNS that's stuck, but I'm sure there's more to it than that. Oddly, 10.4.6. installs just fine. Any hints? It's no better in safe mode, no better w/o NVidia kext's, not sure where to look next.
  2. No LAN connection after 10.4.8 installation

    I've got the same problem on the same mobo... I'll confirm if this kext works in a few and let you all know. Just so you don't feel all alone! ;->
  3. I've got Tiger running on a 1997 PowerBook Lombard (you didn't say OS X Intel) -- 233MHz, 66MHz buss (yes, it's spelled buss, not bus - you ride a bus to work, not to your CPU!), 384MB RAM, and a 40GB HDD. And you know what...? It's *useable*!!!! Go do that with a new copy of Windows! You'd need to run Win'95! mindslip
  4. OS X (Intel Build) 10.4.4 Dvd Patcher

    I can confirm that the 10.4.4 patched install dvd around does indeed cleanly update your 10.4.3 system if you boot it and run the install. Didn't screw up a thing, and I have a lot of custom services (dns, imap, slimserver, etc.) running. The only minor bug I see is that the fan stays in high-altitude-cruise mode, but I've seen a fix for that somewhere on here.
  5. The only thing good about Mac hardware is the "sexiness" of the design. From a value point of view, power, speed, etc. it plain sucks. I got an Asus mobo and 3.4ghz P4 (not celeron, not mobile) for $280 cdn and put it in a $100 case (Antec Aria) and spent $120 on Kingston memory.... need I say more. PowerMac my tush.
  6. 10.4.3 LiveCD ALMOST Complete

    Quick note: When you want to play with an image, use: hdiutil attach filename.ext -shadow and it'll mount it read/write, allow you to change it, but preserve it's original status (i.e. bootable iso, etc.) when you unmount it. man hdiutil for more details Note - if you're burning a test disc, go into Disc Util and burn it *while mounted*. mindslip
  7. MacBook Pro Dissected

    Has anyone tried replacing the CPU? It's a standard socket, and they are indeed socketed, not soldered. I'd like to see how it handles faster chips - automatic via bios (likely) or jumpers/resistors to re-solder (hopefully not). mindslip
  8. Look, I'll make you a deal... You sell me a boxed copy of Tiger for Intel, for up to, say, $400cdn. I'll run it on the machine I want to, and I'll make all my friends drool with how beautiful it is so they can buy it too. But if you want me to pay s**tloads for a measly <2Ghz Yonah machine, just 'cause it looks better on my desk than the dual-dual-core-hyperthreading 3.8GHz Pentium 4 machine I built for cheap looks *under* my desk, no. I'll run Linux on that and quietly sigh every once in a while. But if you sell me OSX for my own machine, yep, I'll buy it. Absolutely. mindslip
  9. OS X 10.4.4 Posted on Apple Site

    Easy way to tell... /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ 10.4.4\ Update/MacOSXUpdate10.4.4.pkg/Contents/MacOSXUpdate10.4.4.dist has the content... function installationCheck() { // must not be Intel try { if(system.sysctl('hw.machine') == 'i386' || system.sysctl('hw.byteorder') == '1234') { my.result.type = 'Fatal'; my.result.message = system.localizedString('INCOMPATHW'); return(false); } } Although as mentioned, parts may be unibin. It's not an update for devkits tho. mindslip
  10. Where i find for buy?

    The only local supplier I could find told me that mobo is discontinued.
  11. I can confirm that on a 21" Studio Display, the entire set of preference panel options works *beautifully* (with one exception) on a Asus P5GD1-VM motherboard with built-in i915 graphics. One trick: I either needed to plug in the usb before the monitor, or reboot, or something... once it recognized it, almost everything (even convergence, etc.) worked. The only exception: To set ambient light levels, it wanted to do an auto-calibration. When I clicked to do so, it VERY ungracefully closed all apps and logged me out. If I manually calibrate, all is well. mindslip
  12. Original poster here... sorry, should have put the details. NX enable, CPUID limit disable. mindslip
  13. iTunes import speed in 8f1111A

    30x here too, and loving it! And thats error-correcting read to ALAC!
  14. AdiumX 1.00svn (Universal Binary)

    Any hints on how best to build a small-ram target? I used the "speed/size" optimizations, deployment target, and stripped (although I did skip one strip extra that could have been done... Next time!) As for making a Deployment build, go in XCode's menu and just change your project target. As for making it Intel-only, click on the top item on the project list on the left, click "Info", double-click your target and select Intel. You'll find it. I know that's not too detailed, sorry, don't have it open in front of me! mindslip
  15. AdiumX 1.00svn (Universal Binary)

    Funny... great minds think alike! I just did the same thing within hours of you! A couple of minor changes: I made mine an Intel-Only build, and with the Deployment target, not Development, so it'll be a little smaller and faster. I've used the 12/08/05 (tonite's) snapshot from SVN, and it seems to run really great. Fast, even with the Growl plugins (with an Intel-compiled version of Growl). I just hope it doesn't crash as much as 0.87 PPC does!!! ;-> It takes 44mb of real RAM, which is well, almost 3 times as much as Finder, and 4 times as much as Mail, but I'm sure that'll get cleaned up at some point! In the meantime, the .dmg is at: http://www.mytempdir.com/307998 and http://rapidshare.de/files/8850644/Adium-for-Intel.dmg.html Everyone have fun! mindslip