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  1. Hi guys, long term lurker forced to post or be kicked out! Failed the quiz a couple of times so I guess I wasn't the hot shot I thought I was Anyway, cut a long story short. I've been developing for 30 years, and make apps for everything, but mostly iOS and mac. Onto the problem as I see it: 1. Apple still has not moved to OpenGL 4.x 2. Windows can run DX11 and OpenGL 4.x This is giving our little company a real conundrum, because Apple effectively has decided to be 11 minor versions of OpenGL behind. I understand they like to talk about compatibility, but the onus is on the developer for that, and being an entire major version number behind is not helping them. With Unity 4 and Unreal 4 engines, it is easy for us to support cutting edge features even as small developers. But it seems like Apple isn't interested in cutting edge "gaming" features. So that'll be Tessellation and Geometry shader support for windows and linux but not OSX. At this point we are very frustrated with this behaviour. How do other developers feel about this?