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  1. martin_weiss

    Black screen on boot (only sometimes)

    I still haven't had this problem since updating to 10.11.1. Crossing my fingers.
  2. martin_weiss

    Black screen on boot (only sometimes)

    I haven't had this problem after updating to 10.11.1. Can anyone else confirm?
  3. martin_weiss

    Black screen on boot (only sometimes)

    Today I had the same problem, so I haven't figured out the problem it turns out... Thanks for your comment, Ritte. I'll try that out. By the way, how did you figure out that the computer boots into OS X? If true, this might be a bug that could be solved in a future update, no?
  4. martin_weiss

    Black screen on boot (only sometimes)

    I think I located the problem. Actually it might be related to what Anachronaut is talking about in his thread about Clover boot entries. I used to have a couple of data disks attached beside the SSD which I'm running my system off of. One of these disks previously had Clover on them (might actually stil have, but I thought I emptied the EFI partition). I haven't had any problems since I pulled all disks except my system disk...
  5. martin_weiss

    Black screen on boot (only sometimes)

    Updating the BIOS to the latest version didn't solve the problem (for me at least).
  6. martin_weiss

    Black screen on boot (only sometimes)

    Hmm. Not nice. I was hoping I had made an obvious mistake somewhere which was causing this... Hopefully this will be resolved at some point. If anyone else has the same problem and finds a solution, please post it here. EDIT: Just updated my BIOS to F5. We'll see if the problem persists.
  7. martin_weiss

    Black screen on boot (only sometimes)

    I've looked in system.log, but I'm not sure what to look for The log is quite long. I'm really not sure what to do about this. It's quite annoying. Only thing I know is that it started when I upgraded to El Capitan. If only the screen turned on I could use the -v boot flag, so I could see what's going on, but it doesn't....
  8. martin_weiss

    Black screen on boot (only sometimes)

    Thanks for your reply. There is no crash report issued (I'm not prompted when I log in). Is there anywhere I can read about what goes wrong during startup (can I find it using Console?)? It's difficult otherwise, because it only happens some times, and the screen doesn't turn on, so verbose mode is useless...
  9. I am having a strange issue which I didn't have in Yosemite. When I boot my machine, sometimes my monitor won't turn on, it's like there's no signal from the DisplayPort. If I press the restart button, it works fine. I've encountered this most on cold starts (i.e., not when rebooting). Also, it doesn't happen every time I turn on the computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. martin_weiss

    Reset when waking from sleep

    I am having similar issues, that I have a hard time solving. Could you please tell me which RAM sticks you were using when you had the problem, and which RAM sticks you are using now?
  11. As I mentioned above, that DSDT gives me a kernel panic, I don't even reach OS X. I don't understand why I need the KernelPm patch, because RehabMan says it's only necessary for motherboards with locked MSRs. I am using a Gigabyte motherboard with unlocked MSR as far as I know.
  12. But I still have compile errors in the DSDT. Is it extracted wrong? I doubt it, I have tried the Clover dump (F4 at menu), loading MaciASL and letting it get the DSDT, and I've tried extracting it using DCPIManager. All with the same result (the errors I showed in the screenshots). This must be happening because of some error. In my config.plist? Something that happened during my installation of Clover (did I not include the correct kexts in the EFI partition)? No matter what, I am having some problems with the sleep function. The machine can sleep for shorter times, without problems. But if it sleeps for longer periods of time, it wakes, and then reboots. I really want to find a solution. I'm sure it has something to do with power management. For now I'm using the Info.plist method that I described. It's the only way so far that I can make AppleLPC.kext load. Regarding the config.plist, RehabMan seems to say that the -xcpm flag is not needed for Haswell CPU, but that KernelPm is (anyway, that's how I read it): http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/302376-guide-patching-the-kernel-for-haswell-cpus-xcpm-early-reboot/ However, on the Clover wiki, it is stated that KernelPm is a "Kernel power management patch for Haswell with locked msrs". As far as I know, Gigabyte motherboards in general do not have locked MSRs. So I'm a bit confused. I have tried a mixture of combinations, but so far with no luck. I have so many questions, but I am struggling to find answers
  13. martin_weiss

    Asus z97 pro wifi ac using intergrated graphics i7 4790k

    What does your config.plist look like? I had the same problem using Clover the first time and it was because I had ticked off some options in the Acpi section (which shouldn't be ticked off).
  14. Unfortunately I get a kernel panic when I copy the file to the patched folder. It works if I edit the Info.plist of the kext itself, but it's not an ideal solution. Also, since this is giving me such a headache I assume that part of my sleep problems will be solved when this problem is solved. Thanks for your help so far. I'm not sure what to do now.
  15. Attached is a screenshot of the PCI List.