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  1. The MacOsX Disk Utility Can Do That, Just Click On Your Hard Drive(not partition) an click new partition table,once there instead of clicking MBR, select GUID, WARNING - This WILL erase everythin' on your hard drive
  2. First Make Sure The Partition Table Is Set To GUID, Then Format As Mac Os Extended (Journaled) About The AHCi Sata Mode, If You Boot Successfully Into The Install DvD Then You Dont Need Anythin' To Touch In BiOS,
  3. you may try kalyway or iDeneb
  4. nVidia 7300 GS 256mb

    To Fix You Resolution You Can Use EFI Studio To Edit com.apple.boot, add a graphics mode key and set it to your resolution, about qe, you might need NVkush, but try adding a efi string first, if that doesnt work then install a kext like nvinject or nvkush
  5. if you have a foxconn, gigabte, or asus motherboard then you're golden. the gpu is a little weird, not sure about full hardware acceleration for graphics but it will work
  6. .dmg to .iso help

    its soo simple change the file suffix from .dmg to .iso
  7. If You Can Get Your Hands On This Then It's Technically Legal. The EFi-X Bootloader http://art-studios.net/goods/86
  8. Will My PC Run Hackintosh?

    Not Working. I Need To Actually Boot From The DvD. But The dvd is also giving me that error. The Way I Tried To Install Was The Following. 1.Attached My OSX86 Drive Onto My Other PC 2.Used CarbonCopyCloner To Mirror The Drive 3.Installed Chameleon Bootloader and PC_EFIv10
  9. QuartzGL a.k.a. Quartz Is Used For 3D Image Rendering QuartzExtreme Is Used For 2D Image And Video Rendering
  10. Will My PC Run Hackintosh?

    Here's A New Problem, After The Install It Waits Again For Root Device.
  11. Will My PC Run Hackintosh?

    Okay, In My Bios The SATA Mode Has These Choices: -IDE -EHCI I Tried These Distro's -Kalyway 10.5.2 -iPC 10.5.6 Partition Table:MBR
  12. Install Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 on AMD ?

    Try EmpireEFI, That Will Do The Dualboot You Need.
  13. Hi, I Have A Simple Question, Will My PC Run A Mac OS X System, 'cuz i tried once but no success My Specs: MotherBoard: MSi K9NG-Neo-V CPU: AMD Athlon X2 5000+ RAM: 1.5GB DDR2 HDD: Sata WDC 250GB(Currently Linux On It) USB Keyboard And Mouse GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD3850 1GB Hypermemory DVD-Drive : Pioneer 16X DVD-RW ATA Drive I Tried to boot in verbose mode and i got this: Still Waiting For Boot Device. Still Waiting For Boot Device. Still Waiting For Boot Device. Still Waiting For Boot Device. ...
  14. Few questions post installation .

    Hi, About That GPU Error Is Weird But Your If You Want To Recognize Your Notebook As A MacBook You Need A Patched SMBios.
  15. [SOLVED] Deleted /usr/bin/ssh

    Hi, There Is An App Called Pacifist, What It Does, It Can Extract A Single File From A .mpkg, .pkg or a install DvD. Hope That Fixes It.