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  1. It's not working. I've tried many kexts and none of them is working. As for the graphics. I didn't find any clue to how I can even try to solve this problem. I guess it's all boils down to dual graphics. We can only hope that someday Samsung will release BIOS update with manual dual graphics switch. In the end, it's not bothering me that much. Except Wi-Fi all other major problems are solved.
  2. Good news. I've managed to get battery indicator working and get rid of NullCPUPowerManagement.kext so now apparently speedstep is working. Battery. CPUPowerManagement As a bonus now sleep mode is working without SleepEnabler and you can put your notebook to sleep by closing the lid. You still need to wake it up by pressing power button. I've attached original and patched DSDTs. You should probably extract SSDTs and apply pathes yourself. Something might be different. dsdt.zip
  3. Tested sleep mode a bit more. Closing lid is putting notebook to sleep but on waking up display stays black while everything else is working. So you should always put notebook to sleep via software - either by pressing power button and choosing sleep or choosing sleep in Apple menu.
  4. Hello! Recently bought 700z5a-S02 and successfully installed 10.7.3 on it. Fully working: keyboard ethernet usb 2.0 ports display backlight - DSDT patch sound - voodooHDA hdmi port sleep mode - sleepenabler.kext and DSDT patch power button bluetooth web-camera Working with some problems: trackpad - works as a mouse with elan kext. Seems like no way to enable multitouch. usb 3.0 ports - flash drives works perfectly, but have some problems with my iPhone. OS recognizes it but can't read or write anything. Graphics - QE/CI/CL and full resolution but screen is tinted with white color Not working: keyboard backlight wi-fi battery icon - with voodoobattery icon shows up but it's broken What i've done: display backlight Insert under _SB this code Device (PNLF) { Name (_HID, EisaId ("APP0002")) Name (_CID, "backlight") Name (_UID, 0x0A) Name (_STA, 0x0B) } After this you should get fully working backlight control under display settings sleep mode First, install sleepenabler.kext (attached mine). Now we need to patch DSDT. My problem was that sleep mode was working but notebook immediately woked up. Using kernel.log i found which devices caused problems - GLAN, HDEF, EHC1, EHC2, PXSX. To fix this you need to delete _PRW method from this devices. I found _PRW only in GLAN and HDEF but this fixed sleep mode. Now you can enable sleep mode through menu or by pressing power button. Unfortunatelly closing lid doesn't put notebook to sleep, only turns off display backlight. graphics Only Intel graphics working. To get full resolution you need to patch DSDT to enable dual-link. Found here http://tonymacx86.co...hp?f=15&t=28851 After that I got full resolution with QE/CI but now screen is tinted with white color. Looks bad if you are looking at the screen from normal angle. Changing color profile and tilting screen further back reduces white tint to comfortable levels. It's better than 1024x768 without QE/CI anyway. HDMI port on the other hand is working perfectly. SleepEnabler.kext.zip