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  1. Using my idea from earlier, I adapted it to the new site look. 2 versions, one with the reflection and one without, although I think the reflection one would look better if there was more room for it. Seems like there's too much black on the new site, IMHO.
  2. Just a quick idea... it's all vector so any part of it can be changed and done at any size. - image removed.
  3. Spotlight Defaults

    Currently when you type in text in a window's Search Field, spotlight defaults to search "On My Mac" and "Contents". I find that I almost always switch it to search only the current location and by filename. Anyone know of a way to change those defaults? Thanks.
  4. Show full file names on desktop?

    Don't put the files on the desktop then, put them in a folder, change the folder to list view and extend the filename column to view the whole filename.
  5. The release notes say that stacks adds "list view" and also "folder view" - I wonder what the last one is. Will see when I get home. It also says there's now an option to view large folder icons in Mail - I'm guessing that's kind of like how Mail was before Leopard.
  6. Well slap me on the side of my head, how stupid of me... I hadn't removed those files from the main hard drive where they originated from. I've been real brainless this weekend. I suppose I can just leave the backup there then. Eventually Time Machine will run out of space and delete them when they're old.
  7. Time Machine shouldn't back up things that are on the same drive as itself. In fact, when you go to options to exclude certain locations from backup, the drive is listed there automatically and can't be removed. In my case, though, it looks like it is backing up other folders on that same hard drive. I just put in a new inter 250GB hard drive (I called it "File Storage"), I put a few folders on it (iPhoto Library, iTunes, Movies) which take up between 50-60GB. When I look this afternoon I saw that only 60 out of the 250 is now free. I went into the Time Machine backup files and "File Storage" is listed there along with the folders mentioned before. I do not want Time Machine to back them up and it shouldn't be. I can't even add them to the exclusion list because that whole hard drive is excluded. Does anyone know if this is normal behavior?
  8. Easily Recognize Stacks!

    Thanks. I figured I'd have to log out or reboot or something. Now I just need a few more icon variations... maybe I can figure out how to make them.
  9. Easily Recognize Stacks!

    Didn't work for me. My Apps stack icon is now just a generic folder.
  10. Spotlight Indexing

    It hasn't done it tonight yet - it's done it around 9pm-ish before. Fingers crossed.
  11. Spotlight Indexing

    Hmmm, I can't think of what is constantly changing. Only thing would be downloads but I already have it disabled there. Also, it seems more like a complete re-index, not just a folder or portion of my hard drive since it takes between between 30-60 minutes. I'll have to think about what other location might be causing it, or maybe it's just a glitch.
  12. Spotlight Indexing

    Has anyone had Spotlight repeatedly re-indexing like I have? I've had Leopard installed a little over a week and I can remember it rebuilding several times (I can hear the hard drive making noise, I click the Spotlight menu and the progress bar is there). It seems to be more frequent now... it happened both last night and this night between 9 and 11pm approx. This is not normal...
  13. Hmmm... maybe try the Migration Assistant (Applications>Utilities)?
  14. Please post the original separator image here too because now I've lost it as well!
  15. Small Surprises

    Just stumbled across another... When you have 2 icons overlapping, the text on the top one has a semi-transparent box around it.