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  1. 9.6.3 Kernel for Core i7

    you have to install pcefi10 separately from chameleon just google it and you find all the info
  2. 9.6.3 Kernel for Core i7

    My setup is: Intel Core i7 4.00 Ghz. Gigabyte EX58-UD3R 6.00 GB Mushkin 1600 Mhz DDR3 2x NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ SLI 2 1 TB HDD AHCI Mode DVD +- RW Blu Ray Drive Thats all, I think it has to be something in your bios settings or your ram speed make sure you have hyperthreading enabled and by the way I am running PCEFI10 in 64bit mode if that helps
  3. 9.6.3 Kernel for Core i7

    Here is my geekbench score I just took is wasn't quite 13000 but its close and make sure you have hyperthreading turned on, and that all the speedstep options are turned off. And here is one over 13000 Geekbench_Score.zip Geekbench_Score.zip
  4. 9.6.3 Kernel for Core i7

    Other people have reported this too. But it doesn't happen to me. I know it not overclocking cause mine is overclocked so I am not sure.
  5. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    @ Danik_iceman You have the m1330 mine is only for the m1530, you could try the one I made for wingrunr it is for m1330 he said his usb ports stopped working but I am gonna look at it again in a few and try to fix it. But mirror display will work with it. [edit] here is that DSDT for the m1330 tried a little something to help out usb, hope it works, and change AZAL to HDEF so you shouldn't need HDAEnabler any more, still need legacy kexts though. Someone please let me know if it works, wingrunr, or danik_iceman. dsdt.aml.zip
  6. 9.6.3 Kernel for Core i7

    The easiest way would be to download OSX86Tools. Google it you will find it. It has the option to upgrade the kernel and install kexts so you can do both with one program.
  7. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    You would put it under kernel flags but don't worry about it there are still some issues to be worked out. However to boot the way you want to I am pretty sure you just need to add <key>Quiet Boot</key> <string>Yes</string> right under kernel flags.
  8. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Yea the AAPL values I actually got straight from my macbook pro it the new one, I used to have the old one that matched m1530 hardware exactly, that's why I had my friend buy it, it is actually his laptop I have only had it for about a week or so, so I am just learning I am starting to experience troubles with hibernate and sleep again, I got rid of some by changing the SMBIOS to use the smbios.plist for chameleon 2.0, I had read somewhere that bluetooth was messing with sleep and I seen a lot of bluetooth related errors in the crash reporter. I really do think I can get sound working though haven't tried yet but I have got it working on my desktop through DSDT. Any help would be appreciated if you got any ideas on the sleep I will take them, don't know if you noticed but I added the macbook pro SSDT to the DSDT to hoping to help with some problems, but the two are nearly identical so that was a waste of time. I would love to figure out this shutdown thing there has to be away around it, I would like to flash the graphics card with the macbook pro 8600m bios but like I said my one with that is back with Apple, so if anyone could get their hands on that it would be great, I think you need Windows though or at least DOS to dump the graphics firmware, but anyway enough rambling...
  9. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Sleep now works if you used the new DSDT I posted with the VGA fix all you have to do is if you have chameleon 2.0 add ForceWake=y to the com.apple.boot.plist and everything should be good. I know wingrunr say to use nowake=y and if that works for you great. But my hibernate works with the new DSDT i posted and forcewake in the boot.plist
  10. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    You have to make sure you have ForceWake=y in you com.apple.boot.plist and you need to have chameleon 2. At least thats what I have and it works I will look into it some more when I have time I am really busy with school.
  11. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Well, I got the sleep issue out of the way.... next sound.... [edit] someone was asking about vga out, my bad the nvcap was wrong and I never use it so I didn't know, well here it is tested on vga and hdmi, all you have to do is connect vga cable and go to settings and detect displays, as well as it fixes sleep with out VoodooECHI or whatever its called. dsdt.aml.zip
  12. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    itdoesnotwork is right everything is working and heat is not a real issue, it gets a little warm at time, but so does my macbook pro, I am working on some stuff in the DSDT like usb sleep, don't know if its possible but I like to eliminate as many kexts as possible, I mean come on the m1530 is a clone of the early 2008 macbook pro we should only need decrypter or dsmos, so I am working on that if anyone cares.
  13. You bootloader gui is not working because you used netkas boot file chameleon 2.0 is newer than PCEFIv9 so reinstall with out the netkas file and for your graphics something else has to be loaded I wrote the DSDT and chrysaor edited the your using and it works fine I get full graphics performance it matches my MacBookPro which this laptop is basically a clone of
  14. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Thank You for that I was wondering why the battery was draining with the lid closed. I will have to look into the usb thing when I get out of class, that makes no since I literal only change 1 number in the hex for the NVCAP to match your ioreg, weird
  15. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Why are you tring to install VoodooUSBEHCI? Here are the only the things you should need, the DSDT two posts above this, and these kexts I am attaching are you using the efi partition if not google "chameleon osx" and it will be the first entry and the download the chameleon 2.0 installer on the right side and when you install go to customize and check the EFI partition install and deselect everything else. Then mount your efi partition google "munky efi" if you don't know who it will explain everything. When you get your EFI Partition mounted go to the extra folder then the extensions folder and put all the kexts there, the go back to the extra folder and put the DSDT.aml there and also put it in the root of the EFI partition cause I am not sure which one it loads so I just keep it both places. Then put the update.sh folder in the root of the efi as well the "chmod +x" it and the run it with "./update.sh" and your install should be perfect with everything working except shutdown and restart Kexts.zip