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  1. ATI Radeon HD 6310 Mobile

    I have been looking for a kext file. I cant find one. I did find the RadeonHD.kext and I was wondering if it will work? I dont want to install the wrong one and get a kernel panic. Any info on this would be great. Thanks a lot!
  2. Snow Leopad Install Problem ( Pics Included )

    I had a HDD laying around and did a Hazard SL on it so I am able to now make a bootable USB with a RETAIL copy! I am going to try to do Lion 1st. If that doesnt work I will go down to SL. Any helpful tips would help.
  3. Can I install OSX 10.8 on Gateway MX8734?

    In my BIOS I changed Sata Mode to Normal. When I formatted the HDD in the utility app I used GUID and Extended Journaled. In the customize I choose the following: Loader - Chameleon 10.3 System Sussport - ( CMOS ) Elliot, ( SATA ATA FIX ) IOATAFAMILY SATA FIX, SMBIOSRESOLVER I did a Legacy also and the following was used. Bios Sata Mode Legacy In the customize I choose the following: Loader - Chameleon 10.3 Kernals - Legacy System Sussport - ( CMOS ) Elliot ( Sata Ata Fix ) Legacy AHCI Sata Fix, IOATAFAMILY Sata Fix, SMBIOSRESOLVER ................................................................... Any Tips?
  4. Can I install OSX 10.8 on Gateway MX8734?

    I got hazard to install, but on restart it goes to the apple gray screen and doesnt do anything else. I am doing a reinstall now with the legacy kernal. Any ideas if this doesnt work?
  5. Snow Leopad Install Problem ( Pics Included )

    1.6 duel core 2gig ram 160gig hdd sata Intel 945 chipset Trying to install hazard 10.6 sl I got it to install, but on restart it never leaves the gray screen. Any help would be great! Thanks
  6. I am using i Boot & i Boot Legacy to boot and install Hazard OS X Snow Leopard. I am getting a panic that I cant figure out. Any help will be much appreciated. I also took a pic of my bios just in case there is a issue there.
  7. Can I install OSX 10.8 on Gateway MX8734?

    Just an update, I tryed useing ##### and it tells me to restart. Maybe a panic? If so where will it tell me?
  8. Can I install OSX 10.8 on Gateway MX8734?

    I downloaded the Hazard 10.6, I read where I got it I could just mount it in a vdrive and select install.... Well I tryied and failed. I remember using chameleon to install SL on my netbook. Do I need to do something like that again? I do have a way to use a mac but KINDA didn't want to drive an hour to use it. Any help would be nice.
  9. Can I install OSX 10.8 on Gateway MX8734?

    Where can I find Hazard 10.6.6i-ISO image at? Then once installed I would just install my kext files to the devices I have correct? I found it. Thanks for the help Husaber!
  10. Can I install OSX 10.8 on Gateway MX8734?

    Thanks Husaber, I got a copy of Snow Leopard... I might start with that and upgrade due to Apple store wont have a lion disc in the store. I just got to figure out what kext files I need to get a hold of and get this thing done! Last time I hacked my Asus I used a mac to make a bootable usb drive, I have a install cd of the snow leopard still. Is there a way to use the disc in a dvd rom?
  11. Can I install OSX 10.8 on Gateway MX8734?

    @Husaber This is a 32bit laptop, I did read that M. Lion doesnt susport 32bit. Am I correct?
  12. I have done a Asus netbook before. I cant find any info on my laptop spec in the osx 10.8 ... Please tell me it can be done. I would hate to use a older osx on here! Chipset - North Bridge 945GM/943GML Memory - 2gig Graphic - 950GMA Wifi - RTL8187 Here is a full spec chart from Gateway on the laptop http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/2007/SonicC/4006172R/4006172Rsp2.shtml If I need to post more info please let me know. Thanks in advance Coop
  13. 1005ha all working except hotkeys after sleep and VGA out.

    All of my FN keys work in 10.6.5 hotkey for vol doesnt after sleep. Is there a way to edit the kext?
  14. I just ordered my Asus USB-BT21 Mini Bluetooth Dongle from ebay. BRAND NEW never opened got it for $15.00 free shipping. I had to stay with the Asus products since my hackintosh is a Asus. I hope this isnt gonna bit me in the end. Has anyone tryed the new Magic Mighty Mouse or the Magic Track Pad? Let me know, I picked up a Mighty Mouse from C-List for $15.00 bucks. Coop
  15. About This Mac Logo

    I have changed my About this mac logo. Its very small ( pic at the bottom ) I was wondering if someone could help me out and give the correct size and the correct way to save the tiff file in photoshop. I used google and tryed 2 different ways to save but logo is very small. Thanks Coop about_this_mac.tiff