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  1. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    I have a brand new cable made by AlohaCab a few months back that I'm now looking to sell. It is in perfect condition and has never been used. I overestimated how much free time I would have after my son was born. Needless to say, I don't have very much. Therefore, in the interest of paring down the number of projects I have going, I've decided to shelve my partially completed G5 mod. Price is $25 including shipping (continental USA only). Bear in mind I have only one of these cables so, it is being sold on a first come first serve basis. PM me for Paypal details. Bryan SOLD!
  2. Pre-made Custom G5 Rear I/O Ports + Cables

    I'm fairly handy but I have yet to try my hand at soldering. That said, I don't think it needs to be cut so much that I'll break the connections. At this point I have nothing to lose so, my plan IS to try and whittle the board down on each side to see if I can get it to work. However, even if successful getting the board narrow enough, I am not that confident the pins will clear the mobo's ports in their current position. If successful, I'll certainly update this post as it might help somebody else.
  3. Pre-made Custom G5 Rear I/O Ports + Cables

    After receiving mine and trying to get it to work for me I have a couple of questions/comments. Overall, it is a nice piece of kit but there are a couple of things which, depending on one's intended layout, make it difficult to fit. First, the dual ethernet model I bought is too long to be used if you're mounting your PSU in the stock location at the bottom of the case. That said, the second ethernet port wasn't a requirement for me so, I merely cut the board just above the bottom ethernet port. All in all an easy feat. At this point I thought it would be smooth sailing but... Once I got the board to a good length I ran into a second problem which I am unable to solve. The board is about 2mm too wide to fit between my motherboard and the back of the case. I'm using an mATX mobo and mounted it in a way that enables the use of the existing PCI-E slots on the back of the case. And, while there is some room between the mobo's I/O ports and the back of the case there is just a hair to little room to use this board as currently designed. Please don't take this as a knock on the product. Granted, it did not work for me but I'm looking at it as a 1st generation model This of course leads to a suggestion for you Zammykoo. If you could make the board narrower it would be a near perfect solution. Additionally, the USB ports and pins would ideally be moved further toward the back of the case. This would entail them extending beyond the board a little bit but that's OK because they'd still fit through the case holes. My 2 cents ~B PS I'll post some pictures a little bit later to better illustrate what I'm rambling about.
  4. Pre-made Custom G5 Rear I/O Ports + Cables

    I'm looking forward to receiving it. Please PM me your Paypal info when you are ready to accept payment and ship.
  5. Pre-made Custom G5 Rear I/O Ports + Cables

    As I mentioned before, I am already in for one. So, put me down on the list for a board with 2 ethernet ports.
  6. Pre-made Custom G5 Rear I/O Ports + Cables

    FYI Regarding the poll, I'm not sure about anyone else but it would not let me vote on the second poll. It said I had already voted. Unless I was doing something wrong I presume it is a system limitation that only lets people vote on poll per thread. Otherwise, I would have voted.
  7. Pre-made Custom G5 Rear I/O Ports + Cables

    Wow! I must say I'm a bit disappointed you have to put it on hold for a bit. I was interested before I even saw the mockup. Now that I've seen it I'm positive I want one. My G5 project is nearly complete except for the I/O panel. I've been pretty busy as well and have not been checking these boards as frequently, however, I'll be making a point to do so from now on. However, once you get back to this project and are ready to go, feel free to PM me and let me know. I'm prepared to buy one the minute you are ready to take your first order. Bryan PS Regarding your second poll, I'd prefer to have the ports already attached. I'd rather not have to mess with the crimping and such.
  8. Pre-made Custom G5 Rear I/O Ports + Cables

    As my G5 mod is being used as a server I don't need most of the ports. Therefore, I've written down what I need: USB2 Ethernet (would like 2, one where existing ethernet port is and another where modem is) audio out (headphones) Regarding cost... Really comes down to the quality of work but off the top of my head $100 would be fair for great work ~B
  9. Could someone with experience modding the top shelf tell me whether the latches and/or latch mechanism for the side panel are part of the shelf or independent of the shelf (i.e. just part of the divider bar). I'd like remove the shelf and replace it with a flat shelf. However, I don't want to remove it simply to find out the latch mechanism is incorporated into the shelf in a way that would require either an obscene amount of modding to keep them functional. Thx
  10. Old g4 cube hackintosh

    As someone else already mentioned, the Zotac board is probably the best bet because it has integrated graphics usable by OSX. Certainly, there are graphics cards out there which will work but it is a pain in the @$$ to find one which not only fits but then figuring out how to mount it in the case. In the end you need to decide how much modding to the case you want to do and how much existing case functionality you want to maintain. That said, I took a different route with my Cube and instead of using an ITX board I am using the logic board from a 13.3" MacBook Pro. The main reason I chose this route was because the MacBook logic board has far fewer ports (as all laptops do) and I'm intent on using the cube's existing backplate without cutting it up (which creates a host of other complications).
  11. I've scoured the internet for the answer and am amazed I haven't been able to find it considering how many Power Mac G5 conversions there have been. Despite all the power supply mods I have yet to see my question asked... Hopefully, someone here can help: The image below is of the plug which exits the PSU of the stock G5 power Supply. Clearly, there are several things attached to it. Does anyone know what they are? I am modding an ATX PSU to fit inside the G5's power supply housing and want to know if I should keep that part or lose it. I'm speculating that it is the automatic voltage switcher in which case I'd keep it and lose the one on the new PSU but don't want to move ahead until I'm sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks ~B