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  1. abraman98

    HP DV7 2185dx - 4650m: Full Resolution with QE & CI

    i can confirm this as working. i installed 10.6.6 today, used kext installer to install kexts to s/l/e and e/e according to instructions and replaced boot plist. works flawlessly. front row, quicktime, transparent menu bar... everything you wish i guess it just doesnt work on 10.6.7. thanks Serpentza, you finally made this working! qe ci on dv7 1600x900, i've been dreaming about this day. if you want i can take some proof pics and upload them tomorrow. anyways.. keep the good things coming, good night
  2. abraman98

    Mobility HD 4650, ALMOST working

    hey everyone. it is loong time now since my last visit, i see that noone figured this out.. sry about bump, but i still have that very same problem, i haven't even uninstalled os x, still hoping for some solution.. anyone?
  3. abraman98

    full posts?

    found it tnx for help
  4. abraman98

    full posts?

    how can i disable the list of posts and enable the full expanded posts? any way to do this?
  5. abraman98

    5650m 100%... I'm so close!

    ripple effect works for me.. minecraft? i'm an adict
  6. abraman98

    5650m 100%... I'm so close!

    Edit your apple.boot.plist, add that line to it so you dont need to write it manually each time you boot. Use the plist editor. If the bootloader doesnt read the plist config maybe it doesnt have the extrs folder support or something. Try to put the plist in /S/L/systemConfiguration/...
  7. abraman98

    help me about mobility ati 4650

    isn't it enough to install kext with kext helper, doesnt it have integrated option to repair permissions? i mean, that worked for me..
  8. abraman98

    Mobility HD 4650, ALMOST working

  9. abraman98

    Mobility HD 4650, ALMOST working

    you have them in the first post but follow the instructions.
  10. abraman98

    Mobility HD 4650, ALMOST working

    Hi everyone! i have a HP Pavilion dv7-2250em notebook with iatkos s3 v2 updated to 10.6.7. it has an ati mobility HD 4650 with 1GB of ddr3 ram.i'm trying to make it work for about a week already, but i just can't get the final results. here is what i did: i installed the kexts that were originally made for toshiba L500 w/ 4650. then i made the DSDT.aml patch and placed it in the extra folder, together with moddified apple.boot.plist, smbios.plist and my vbios. i used the modified chameleon boot for shrike. so, when i boot here is what happens: in system profiler i can see all kexts loaded, i have the complete info about gfx card (1gb, pci ati shrike...) and in screen settings i have all the resolutions, 640x480-1600x900. but look at the pictures in attachments and you will see the problem. screen area is divided into equal 4 parts, each one showing same desktop. resolution is set on 1600x900, but i can't read a thing, everything is ripped, interlaced. you can see that on the second picture (sorry about quality it was taken with cellphone camera, look at the dock icons) i tried with or without graphicsenabler, 32 or 64 bit boot, reinstalling kexts, everything. i always get same thing. all is recognized, everything works, but screen is glitched. what do you think, what could be the problem? wrong connection table? wrong framebuffer? EDIT: today i tried the HDMI port, it qorks flawlessly, with qe/ci on full HD, tried out some HD movies and front row, translucent bar, blah blah, everything perfect. but while hdmi screen was connected the internal lcd screen was having a lot of problems, it became so scrambled, i got some "white noise", dashes and lines from time to time, and when i unplugged the hdmi screen, on internal lcd i got the picture but it was zoomed horizontaly, interlaced and i could see only half of desktop. then when i rebooted internal screen returned to the 1st picture phase. what is wrong? LVDS connector personality? also VGA connector doesnt work at all. only hdmi (but it works very well ). here's the screen after HDMI is unplugged: EDIT 2:i was just playing around with the os x today, at least i tried but i couldn't read anything even with zoom xD anyways i found out that QE/CI is actually working completely even on internal LCD screen. front row, translucent menubar, chess, coverflow, HD movies, all of that works flawlessly. actually the resolution is indeed 1600x900 but it's kind of a compressed into one corner of screen and rendered 4 times... and screen still goes interlaced with black lines and zoomed after i wake the screen up (when it falls asleep ) yeah.. so that's the only problem. and i'm searching the forums for about 4 days already but i can't find anyone with this problem. here are some pictures (and description under each picture) so you can better see what this is all about. Front row, working very smooth translucent menu bar, also on dock you can see how bad the screen actually looks. 720p HD movie on quicktime, works a lot smoother than on windows coverflow in iTunes. so, QE obviously works.. this is what happens after i wake the screen up. So, thank you all for your help. I hope we solve this problem so we can finally get support for 4650 on 17 "Pavilions: D and then we can all go to a deserved party because it was not an easy job for people here on forum to make this thing working in last 2 years.. P.S. sorry if my english is bad. ---------------------------------- instructions for installing: A in the windows collect your VBIOS with everest. name it 1002_9480.rom. B update to 10.6.7. download the kexts in attachment and install them with kext helper or something similar. Don't reboot yet! C Get the DSDT patcher GUI and collect the DSDT.aml with it (check the New HPET option, OS X as operating system and select your system partition) D download the smbios.plist from attachments. now place the DSDT.aml, smbios.plist, 1002_9480.rom in /Extra/ Folder. Don't reboot yet. E Download the Bootloader from attachments, place it in the root of os x partition. edit the com.apple.boot.plist in extra folder. add the next lines to it: <key>DSDT</key> <string>/Extra/dsdt.aml</string> <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>SMBIOS</key> <string>/Extra/smbios.plist</string> <key>SMBIOSdefaults</key> <string>Yes</string> <key>useAtiRom</key> <string>Yes</string> after you did everything right, reboot. that's the only way i got everything working. only the screen is not working well. attachments: 10.6.7_kexts.zip smbios.zip boot.zip
  11. hello everyone! ok, i have some troubles with installation of osX on my HP Pavilion dv7-2250em. i tried a lot of distros, few different customizations but with no result. farthest that i got was a completed instalation but i never made os x to boot. can anyone give me some opinions on what distribution should i try to use or anything, please?
  12. abraman98

    osx on HP Pavilion dv7-2250em

    o, sorry i forgot to write it down, what partition manager should i use for separating some space for new partition, gparted didn't do good job last time, i lost my windows
  13. hello! i'm all new to this hackintosh things. few weeks ago i decided to try osx on my notebook. i own hp's pavilion dv7-2250em. i tried few distro's but i always get stuck at some point, so i decided to ask some more experienced persons for help. the hardware in notebook is: Intel Core2Duo T6600, 2M L2, 2.2 GHz, 800 MHz FSB Mobile Intel PM45 Express Chipset 4GB DDR3 RAM ATI Radeon HD4650 1GB DDR3 17" LED Display 1600x900 2x320 (640)GB HDD 7200rpm Lightscribe Super Multi DVD Writer (+/-R +/-RW) with Double Layer support Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Intel wifi link 1000 wireless card bluetooth radio IDT Integrated Audio HP Pavilion Webcam with Integrated Digital Microphone.VGA low-lght HP Mini remote controller (ene-cir) more details on http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/documen...l&site=null can you tell is it possible to install osx on this and what distro should i use. also, if you can recommend me, what customization would work best for me. thanx in advance!