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  1. Marvell Yukon 88E8072

    Hi, It would be really nice to have a working kext for this card: 88E8072 with the following 0x436C11AB that actually works.... I have tried 3 different versions (I think) none appear to work I am managing to write this on my Hackingtosh A300 using a ZyXel USB wiFi dongle, which even with mac drivers available from the manufacturer took forever to get it to actually get me on to the internet! It would be so much nicer to be able to use either the built in ethernet or the inbuilt wifi (realtek RTL8187B) again none of the kexts I have been able to find have worked. Any body got a guide as to how you make things work? Here's hoping....... John
  2. Network adapter not found - Toshiba A300

    Just to try and make it clear. My original problem was that I could not get a network adapter to show in NETWORK and though that if I could get it to show there it would all work....... How foolish was I Anyway, I finally got my wired Ethernet adapter to show in NETWORK. But even with a cable plugged in, it tell me it is NOT CONNECTED and I have no idea how you get it to connect. Is it because I am using the wrong kext? I know the network adapter work as I can use it if I boot UBCD and load that version of windows. Most other thngs work - I did notice that it does no recognise an SD card when one is plugged in to the card reader slot, but that is a minor detail compared to no network......! Does anybody have any ideas, even a link to something to read which might help would be useful. John
  3. Network adapter not found - Toshiba A300

    This is driving me BARMY!!! I now have a ethernet network adapter showing in NETWORK, BUT it says "not connected" and nothing I do will make it connect - it's as if it is not there except in name...... What on earth do I do next? Any ideas? John
  4. Network adapter not found - Toshiba A300

    I have found a ethernet adapter!!! BUT network is telling me it is not connected! I have tried setting with details manually, but no luck yet.............. help....... John
  5. Network adapter not found - Toshiba A300

    Sorry to say, that didn't seem to do anything either... Maybe I am doing something wrong? Maybe a step by step guide to installing the kext so I can check I am doing things properly? Whatever happens, I am gratefull for any and all help provided. John
  6. iPC 10.5.6 boot stucks after installation

    I take it you have not installed anything other than the OS? In which case I would try to run the bootloader again. When you get to the screen after you chose the language, use the tool bar along the top and go to the Disk utility. If you are loading on to the Hard drive as the only OS then you can just chose the disk and then select "erase" and erase all the files on the disk. I would do it acouple of times, seems to delete down to 3 files first time round and then down to 2 files next time..... Then do your re-install again, this time don't select any thing from the kenals and see if you can getit to boot further that way. Worked for me , now I am only stuck on not network connection! John p.s. must tell you I am completely new to this so what I am saying to do might be completely wrong for you....!
  7. Network adapter not found - Toshiba A300

    Hi, Thanks for the reply and the link. Unfortunately, none of the drivers seems to work. I assume I am installing correctly as they have an installer..... No new network adapters show up in NETWORK. So ia m still looking for a working solution to either network adapter if anyone has one.... Many thanks, John
  8. Introduce yourself.

    Hello, New to this Hakingtosh - Mackingtosh lark. Just happen to have a "spare" Toshiba laptop which I am attempting this on. Hope to get it ruinning with help form people here. John
  9. Hello, I have been going though loads of posts trying to find a solution but so far nothing has worked. My laptop is a Toshiba Saterlite Pro A300 (PSAJ1E - 01200XEN) It has both ethernet and wireless cards built in. The Ethernet is a Marvel Yukon 88E8072 which I belive will make the following 0x436C11AB. I have tried various kexts but none have made it work. (windows with the right drivers makes it work) So my hope is that someone with more knowledge about these thing can help me get at least the ethernet working. Wireless I belive is an RTL8187B (88E8001 ?) but again it does not work. Neither show as adapters in "Network" all that is in there is FireWire. Heres hoping...... John