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  1. I have an Asus G60JX with i5, GTS 360m. Should I run the combo update or is it too risky?
  2. Basic guide about nVidia kexts

    I really do not 100% understand what is being said here or how it works. I have described my issue here http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=236594 if someone could assist then that would be much appreciated. I just want to be able to have full aspect ratio with my GTS 360m.
  3. NVIDIA GTS 360M support?

    bump. Keeping this a live. Lol. I also have the GTS 360m and I would really like to be bale to have the proper aspect ratio.
  4. NVidia Geforce GTS 360M CUDA 1GB

    Alright so I have that video card in my hacbook and I wondering to to properly make it work I guess. I do not understand how to use the NVidia injector with Lizard I tried reading though that one post and do not understand what so ever. Right now I am not using chameleon to boot. I am using EP45UD3P Snow Leopard booter. I have all the updated NVidia mac drivers (even the cuda drivers) from the Nvidia website and I can only have my screen resolution as 1024x768. In my "About mac" area this is what it says for my graphics Display: Type: GPU Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 32 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0cb1 Revision ID: 0x00a2 Displays: Display: Resolution: 1024 x 768 Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Does anyone know how I can get full resolution from my video card?
  5. Nano Wifi usb

    I was wondering if anyone knew if there is a way to make the Dlink DWA 131 work on the hackintosh. I wanna buy a really small usb wifi adapter but do not know what to get. I am looking at best buy and im not sure which ones will work. I guess Carpaccio post on http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1576401 would be my answer. So I am assuming using these drivers will work.
  6. [HELP] Atheros AR9285 on Snow Leopard

    frozenbrain I did what you said but it still isn't working properly. When I open up air port it shows all the network and I can connect to my router it just says "No internet connection" I am running SL 10.6.4 on an Asus G60JX
  7. Wifi Problems

    Hey guys, I have been searching this form up and down and am afraid that I have been completely stumped. I am running 10.6.4 on my Asus G60JX. Now this laptop has a wireless 802.11b/g/n or it's the Atheros AR9285 card and I was wondering if there is anyway to make it work correctly. I have the IO80211Family.kext installed. My problem comes when I am connected to a network. Now I can open up AirPort, it scans for networks and all the networks show up. I connect to my network, it says it is connected to the network but that it just doesn't have internet (The wifi strength bar has the "!" on it). Has anyone encountered this problem or found a fix for this? I do not believe it has anything to do with my router or anything. I have looked everywhere. Thanks! Rob
  8. Try botting using -v -x32. Thats what I did and mine boots up perfectly now.
  9. Well it is just because the thread said to use 1.1.9 to fix some sort of clock error. Ugh and also because I keep running into errors when trying to install 10.6.4 >.> I try boting up in safe mode and what not but that doesn't work. It does the thing where it gets near the end o fthe install then all the code shows up on screen.Goes int Kernel panic I believe
  10. I have made a hacbook using this guide http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=231058&hl= I cannot get my ethernet or my wifi card to work. I tried installing the Atheros/Attansic kext for my Ethernet and that did nothing. I also tried replacing the current IO80211Family.kext with the one i downloaded from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1575578 But neither of these worked. I have googled sooo much that I believe the google logo is burned to my eyes. If anyone knows a fix that would be super fantastic.
  11. Thanks for the link =) I am getting the "Error: 35 unable to determine UUID" that i can't seem to figure out how to fix.
  12. Can someone give a step my step instruction on how to install the boot files to the MBR. I read the readme and googles around but all the instrctions are confusing. I dont know which of the boot files I need and where I should put them or how the terminal code works. It's just a bit confusing to me. So a dummies guied would be really really helpful. Thanks! -Rob =) Btw I am using the Asus G60JX from best buy. I have 10.6.3 working and booting properly with the newest chameleon. I still need to update to v10.6.4 but I do not think it will work unless I can update the MBR.
  13. Snow Leopard on ASUS G51Jx-X3

    So I reinstalled everything. I still gotta update to version 10.6.4. but I am afraid to seeing last time it did not work. So seeing I did nothing different means that there is a high chance it wont work again. Like I can install it. Its just after the reboot, I can't boot up.
  14. Snow Leopard on ASUS G51Jx-X3

    I have the RoG G60JX and I am going to try to use your DSDT.aml and see if I can get it to work. I don't know if anyone has tested it or not but I guess we will find out. Also I saw that someone else posted their own .aml. In order to use it would I have to change the file name to DSDT or does it matter?
  15. I'm going to try to burning the Empire disc and also what do you mean by extraneous options? Like which options did you turn off? Because I dont know what is needed or not.