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  1. Michael Iline

    Wind U100 or U100+?

    Title says all, are both 100% hackable? What's the difference?
  2. Michael Iline

    Lenovo S10 with os x

    Say, what are the benefits of upgrading? Are these like Service Packs for Windows?
  3. Michael Iline

    Add 2 fields to compatible netbook chart

    lol I'm in, a great idea.
  4. Michael Iline

    Best Netbook?

    How about something that's 100% working, and still produced?
  5. Michael Iline

    white netbook

    You may also like MSI Wind.
  6. Michael Iline

    New netbook

    I think my store has some MSI Winds, I might get one. What is the difference between a Hackintoshed MSI Wind U100 and a Dell Mini 10v? Which one is better? I want it as close as possible to the original Macbook. Also, again, are there 100% Hackable netbooks, that are still produced?
  7. Michael Iline

    New netbook

    Hey guys, How about a netbook that's still produced? I don't want to give up performance for OS X. Besides, I can't buy stuff over the internet, so it's a problem to get these...
  8. Michael Iline

    Trying to chose

    Thanks, I was sure that new users can only post here.
  9. Michael Iline

    Trying to chose

    Another thing - I don't want the laptop to be too expensive.
  10. Michael Iline

    Trying to chose

    Hey all, I'm Mike and it's my first post here. My parents said that I might get a netbook for Xmas, so if they'll decide I will I want to make sure I'll get the right one. I've been using computers since the age of 6, and I'm 13 now. Well, more accurately - I've been using Windows XP. It's getting old, so I'm trying to find an alternative OS. I came up with OpenSuSE, but yesterday I got a better idea... Can you guess? I first tried iDeneb about a year ago, can't remember exactly. What I do remember is that I crapped on my bootloader by doing so, and got in trouble with my dad. He consulted his geek friend, who told him that OS-X uses a different filesystem, so it's not gonna even boot, etc, etc. I didn't know I was supposed to select the right drivers(assumed that it's like XP), so it didn't work. I didn't want to start over so I just installed XP back in place an left it. Now... A new world is rising, a computer of my own - the opportunity to mess with my OSes as much as I desire, without getting into trouble. All limitations are off. It's a dream that comes true... After such a long time of wanting my own PC, and being jealous of my friends... I can't describe my feeling. Too bad it's not sure yet, but I'm trying to look at the bright side. Anyways, now that you know my situation - I'm trying to chose the best nebook available for OS X. Too bad my parents don't let me to buy anything at eBay as they say it's risky, so I'm stuck with local stores. The store's site is in Hebrew, here's a translated link. The brand names are in English, so it'll work better untranslated. The laptops at the compatibility chart aren't there, at least not the fully working ones. I want a laptop with everything working. I heard that Dell Mini 10v will work, but I don't seem to find it anywhere. Are there any good laptops among the ones on the site I showed you? Like I mentioned before, I need them to work with OS X at maximum compatibility. Thanks in advance for any help. Mike. -EDIT- There are many releases out there(like iDeneb and iAtkos), which one should I use? I would like to use the least version of Snow Leopard.