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  1. Need USB 2.0 kexts for 10.6.3

    My USB 2.0 ports only work as 1.1 in my hackintosh. And I cant find the kexts in google =(
  2. i just built a 12-core hackintosh

    if you've spent 5k I guess it would me more fun to get crossfire with 2 or 3 graphic cards =) that would surely be an unstoppable monster!!
  3. Iphone + Hackintosh

    guess coz you're 99% vanilla, and I'm not =( They say that Retail is installable on my hardware, but I guess I'll wait for 10.6.5 or 10.6.6 install disk =)
  4. .dmg to .iso help

    http://vu1tur.eu.org/tools/ just use google
  5. iATKOS S3 v2 practically working

    If you need network so badly - just buy an external usb/pci wifi adapter.
  6. Iphone + Hackintosh

    LOL, I can use my iPhone as a pc waker! if the iphone ic connected while the mac is sleeping, when i unlock it my hackintosh wakes up! Handy little 1000$ waker! btw I soo love bleach too
  7. Need help installing 10.6.3

    {censored}, problem with iDevice connectivity
  8. Iphone + Hackintosh

    OK,thanx anyway, gonna look for usb kexts...
  9. Will My PC Run Hackintosh?

    or use google-trnslate and go to www.torrentmac.org I found a distro there that works good with macs (or so they say)
  10. Acer Aspire M3461 + Some custom hardware? Fail

    Dude, try with a usb keyboard. WHen I installed hackos on my laptop it only worked with usb keyboard. And post your hardware configuration, since you said you've changed something... And you might try installing 10.5.x, or eve 10.4.x versions, they're more compatible with old hardware
  11. Iphone + Hackintosh

    I've got the official apple airport card, and now I have to create a paypal account and order a mini-pci-e to pci-e adapter from states... the thing is that my usb works great! flash drives, HDDs... but not iDevices =)
  12. Iphone + Hackintosh

    Just installed iAtkos s2v3 with qoopz 10.3.0 kernel. Everything works flawless, except for internet. My wi-fi router is located far from the hackintosh pc, and I don't have a wi-fi card either, so I thought that I could use iPhone tethering to get access to the web. But the thing is that mac os doesn't see my iphone(although it is listed in the usb devices in "about this mac"), and it's not even charging. Tried reinstalling Itunes and so on - doesn't help. Tried connecting ipod classic - only sees it as a hard drive. I want to find a solution for that problem...
  13. MAC OS X 10a432

    Try -x flag. And it might be strange, but when I booted the exact same version of retail os x with -v it just didn't boot! but without any flag, or with x it did boot.
  14. Gray box at installation screen

    try booting with -x flag, worked for me =)
  15. Need help installing 10.6.3

    At last, I managed to do a successful install. I installed iAtkos S3v2, with qoopz 10.3.0 kernel, AnVal bootloader with ethernet and usb plugins, EFI string DVI/VGA, no audio kexsts at all! (that's important) After installation I installed AppleHDA and HDA enabler, that I found searching this forum (i searched something like gigabyte ALC888 snow leopard). Apparently it still doesn't see my pci audio card, but never mind it. didn't try ethernet either, but I thing it will work OOB. Problem solved