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  1. Hi there There seem to be 101 tutorials online, half of them guesswork, the other quarter pigeon English, and the remaining quarter convoluted and contradictory, sooo... my question for you is this: 1/ I have the ML "InstallESD.dmg " - would someone tell me what I need to do to create a bootable USB for Hackintosh ### NOTE: I do NOT have the ML App Store app - just the "InstallESD.dmg" ### 2/ Thank you kind regards.
  2. The old QS is probably a 2001 model, whereas the dual 1Ghz G4 CPU was *ONLY* available on the 2002 model, which explains your issue. Hope that helps - can you give me the part number of the logic board, please?.
  3. I recall when having a REAL Mac used to mean something... oh look, it still does
  4. Haha so true - and looks like he went colour-blind in the process. You can make as many 'smart' comments as you like, but the bottom line is that people with taste and just a modicum of common sense, buy a REAL Mac. Maybe you can fool your equally ignorant friends into thinking you're clever to have not paid for a real Mac, but at the end of the day you'll KNOW it's a knock off, and not even a vaguely good one at that!. As Guy Kawasaki says in "Welcome to Macintosh", about PeeCee designers; 'They just don't know which bit to steal!'. So true
  5. Amazing sense of humour - a bit like a 7 year old in a playground (even the fact that you don't punctuate!). Probably why you haven't matured enough yet, to realise that a fake Mac mini ISN'T a Mac mini... but then you know best.
  6. Counterfeit cr4p - what a joke - why not just get the REAL Mac mini?. This looks SO f_cking ugly, and nothing LIKE a Mac mini Oh and look.... no Leopard!! no iLife '09... no support!! rofl!! What is it with some people?!. P_____O_____S_____! Grow up.