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  1. I'm having similar issues. I was the one that inadvertently upgraded 10.6.3 to 10.6.5 using the Software Update instead. But after much work I reverted the system back down to 10.6.3 and upgraded following the directions very carefully. And upon rebooting, it freezes up right after the apple logo goes away. The screen blanks as if it's preparing to go to Finder but then it pops up a blank grey screen and it's stuck. No hard drive activity whatsoever. Booting using -v -f DOES work. It boots into the system. However after a few hours of being idle, the screen blanks and the computer is frozen. This wasn't the case with 10.6.3. In 10.6.3 if you click the mouse or the keyboard the computer will wake up. It's just a black screen. Any ideas?? I tried installing DanielFo's 10.6.5 package several times but it does not successfully reboot. I have to F8 and then go to -v -f and then after that it works for a while but freezes up at some point if the machine is idle.
  2. argh. It gets worse and worse. Now after restoring my time machine backup when booting up it spits out: boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error no idea...
  3. pulled the drive and used another Mac to install the eeebox 10.6.5 b202 package results in the system booting past the grey apple logo, but once th spinning disc goes away the system is frozen. I'm now trying to restore from a time machine backup...
  4. so I'm trying to work out how to dig myself out of this hole. DanielFo said a new boot cd would be needed. But since that doesn't exist yet, I've booted the eee box using the old cd and I reached the os x login screen where I'm stuck because it seems to lack support for USB(?) or at minimum the keyboard and mouse are unresponsive. What I tried so far, USBBusFix=Yes (and it's related individual flags) did not do anything to restore USB. Basically the USB keyboard and mouse and other USB items work until it boots up then everything USB related stops. I can tell the computer isn't frozen because eventually the screen saver comes on. I had previously enabled screen sharing but I'm using an Apple USB Ethernet device so the network is unavailable without USB. Ugh. I can't think of a way to get in there. Suggestions?
  5. Yep, Daniel's right. My brain scooted over that fact. ...Bad.
  6. I'm upgrading from 10.6.4 and used the Apple sw update to download/install the 10.6.5 update. Then I unzipped daniel fo's 10.6.5 updater and it showed an error that this is meant for 10.6.5 only. Contrary to the update instructions the only option to install 10.6.5 is to reboot. But the instructions say do not reboot without installing the hackintosh update--but that update won't install since it requires the 10.6.5 to already be installed. Argh. So I clicked the reboot button... Seems to be stuck?
  7. Anybody have a guide to upgrade to 10.6.4? I have 10.6.3 running perfect but I see various posts showing that going to 10.6.4 breaks the system. Thanks!