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  1. Is it possible to deactivate those icon animations in Finder? I already had a look at this list but couldn't find any related entry. Those progress bars seem very buggy to me; sometimes they are just stuck even if the copying has long finished. Also if you move any file per drag & drop above those icons while the progress bar is displayed, some white rectangle is flickering like hell around the file icons you are dragging.
  2. Exactly my opinion! Wether I like the direction OS X goes now with Lion or not, it's still the best choice for me. I started with a hackintosh and then got a MBP after some time. And now I also consider getting one of the new Minis in the near future, entirely switching to real Macs. It just proved to be the most reliable and beautiful OS for me, making it worth the money if I compare it to the almost 10 years of Windows usage (and a bit Linux here and there).
  3. User1608

    Rebranded Broadcom card not working (again)

    After updating to 10.6.8 adding this kernel flag results in an extremely slow and unresponsive system! (console says configd crashes all the time and the whole system is throttling down) Therefore I needed to remove this kernel flag but now the card isn't working anymore. Did my 10.6.8 update go wrong or did it change something related to that? Those kexts don't work either. (I followed the instructions and also copied IONetworkingFamily etc.)
  4. User1608

    Rebranded Broadcom card not working (again)

    I went searching a bit further and found a solution: "Broadcom440x driver has problems with DMA mapping after 1024MB" I needed to add max_valid_dma_addr=1024 to the kernel flags and it now works! (Not under 10.6.8 anymore, see next post)
  5. Hi guys, I recently bought a rebranded D-Link card with Broadcom chipset on ebay. The seller stated that this card would natively work on OSX86 due to being rebranded as AirPort. But the card doesn't show up anywhere under OS X 10.6.7 nor on OS X 10.7 DP4. The system profiler doesn't display it either. OS X is behaving like the card doesn't even exist and the wifi icon in the panel doesn't show up as well. Switching the PCI slot didn't help. On Windows the card is working and displayed as "Broadcom 802.11g" and the properties say it's a 14E4 4320 (which is what Apple uses afaik) I also tried the "Broadcom 43XX Series Airport kext rev2" from kext.com but it was no use... Any idea what might be the problem here? EDIT: At first the dma restriction kernel flag solved it but 10.6.8 broke it again. See my last post.
  6. User1608

    DP4 iTunes interface

    Having a look at iTunes on Lion DP4 reveals that the interface still stayed the same compared to Snow Leopard. Things just don't fit Lion. Traffic lights, scroll bars and window background; sometimes they just look out of place. Do you think they will update the iTunes interface until official release?
  7. User1608

    Looking for BootCD-altPS2.iso

    Nevermind... I found a working "HPM311DP_1109CHF4.iso" here: http://www.mediafire.com/?nbzej2euzm2
  8. Hey there, I'm looking for MowgliBook's BootCD-altPS2.iso to convince my HP Mini 311c to boot OS X Retail DVD. All mediafire links I found are down. Please send me a link or upload somewhere if you still have it. Thanks in advance!