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  1. EHCI Details Missing in DSDT

    The only other change I needed after applying the patch was to change 'Name (_UID, 0x4)' to 'Name (_UID, Zero)' under 'Device (PCI0)'. After that, App Store began working correctly and HD5450 graphics card is detected. Perfect! Not tried sleep support as yet, but that would just be a bonus; I never actually use it.
  2. EHCI Details Missing in DSDT

    That's it! Fantastic! Thank you for your help on this - both 'USB Bus' and 'USB High-Speed Bus' show properly using this DSDT. I'll try apply the patch alongside the others I use now.
  3. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    You are a lifesaver. My Sapphire HD5450 is now working (almost) perfectly with Lion. Just used the download from here dropped it in /SL/E, turned GraphicsEnabler back on and all is well: DVD Player and Geekbench are working perfectly. Card is identified by Chameleon as an ATI Radeon HD 5430M and that's what appears in System Profiler. The almost is because the display now won't sleep. It stops updating when display sleep is requested (current image is frozen on display) and updates as normal once you have left display sleep by tapping a key. Thank you for the pointer!
  4. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Nuts. I was happy until I tried those two! Turns out the HD5450 isn't entirely happy out-of-the-box. Everything appears to be fine, but DVD Player and Geekbench both exit with a 'EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)' error in the report. So... does anyone know how to fix this? Could you post your kext, as I'm having some troubles with mine! UPDATE: Fixed! See this post for the fix.
  5. EHCI Details Missing in DSDT

    Okay, I've read out the SSDT tables with DSDTSE, but again can't see any mention of EHCI or USBE, or even those addresses... I've attached the .dsl files (in a .zip this time) - any more suggestions would be great. Optiplex780_A09_DSDT_SSDT.zip
  6. EHCI Details Missing in DSDT

    No change with that, I'm afraid. Still 'expansion slot' and still no sign in DSDT. I'll investigate how to read that out and post back. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. EHCI Details Missing in DSDT

    Hi all, Been fishing around in my DSDT.dsl file to get the USB2 ports on my Optiplex 780 to appear as Built-in rather than Expansion Slot. The problem is that there seems to be no information regarding the controllers in the DSDT at all! In IORegistryExplorer the controllers appear as 'pci8086,3a6a@1D,7' and 'pci8086,3a6c@1A,7' rather than the more usual names like 'USB0@1D' for the UHCI controllers. Searching the DSDT.dsl for the full addresses (e.g. 0x001D0007) finds nothing, while I can find the USB1.1 controllers immediately. I've been able to get the UHCI controllers to appear Built-in, but I have no idea what's going on with EHCI. Because of this I also get the 'unloaded across sleep' errors on startup for the two controllers and waking from sleep is broken. I've attached the output from IORegistryExplorer and the vanilla DSDT.dsl from the Optiplex 780 (A09 BIOS) - if anybody has time to compare the two or tell me where else I should be looking, I'd really appreciate it! Optiplex780_IORegEx.ioreg.txt Optiplex780_A09_Clean.dsl.txt
  8. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    With Chameleon RC5 r1003, Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5450 1GB works literally out of the box with Graphics Enabler. QE/CI is perfect, display sleeps properly. Needed a reasonably priced low profile card and this fits the bill. Not tested VGA or HDMI output, but DVI is fine. Not played with getting the onboard audio working for HDMI yet. UPDATE: Doesn't even need Graphics Enabler. UPDATE 2: Both with and without Graphics Enabler, DVD Player and Geekbench crash at launch. Otherwise perfect. UPDATE 3: It's this exact card: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0036DD4CO UPDATE 4: Fully Working! See this post for the fix.
  9. Dell Optiplex 780 DSDT patching needed.

    Tried this - the 'USB Bus' controllers now appear as built-in, but the 'USB High-Speed Bus' controllers show 'Expansion Slot' and the system fails to wake from sleep with the '2' and '3' diagnostic LEDs lit. Does anyone have any clues?
  10. Same situation here. There are three ways around it (none of which have been successfully completed to my knowledge yet): Hack OS X so that the 'Mac-F4208EC8' board ID is added. Tricky, as it seems to be in multiple places and would be easily affected by updates. Hack the firmware and reflash the Macmini1,1 to report itself as a Macmini2,1 (it's actually the board ID that seems to be important; I don't have a Macmini2,1 board ID to hand). Should be a robust solution. Use Chameleon / other OSx86 bootloader with SMBIOS injection to report the Macmini2,1 details. Possible? My Macmini1,1 is also upgraded with a Core 2 Duo, but is performing important work and can't be taken down for tinkering.
  11. 10.6.2 is out...

    An update for those running Snow Leopard on older hardware. Just performed a combo update (503.3MB) from 10.6.1 to 10.6.2 (10C540) on a Dell GX280 (Pentium 4 3.2GHz, using 'anappirtrvh' 10.0.0 kernel). Perfect. Everything still works - literally did nothing other than download the updater, run it, reboot. Drives, USB, graphics - no sign of the problems of the olden days with USB devices failing to mount and disk images not opening. The BCM5751 ethernet card hasn't magically come to life, but then that would have been a miracle. System was built using the excellent myHack tool from Conti, uses PC_EFI v10.4.1 (v10.5 breaks the CPU detection). Kexts required are AC97 audio kext, ElliottAppleIntelGMA950 (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=141549), ICHxAll4PortsSL32bit (lost URL) and Slice's IOPCIFamily.kext (http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=552). Happy camper!
  12. [How to] Intel GMA 900 done right: full QE/CI for leopard

    And one last update - the only additional dependency that needs to be satisfied is IOGraphicsFamily.kext. Drop the vanilla version you have in /S/L/E into your /Extras/CustomExtensions (or your equivalent) along with AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext and ElliottAppleIntelGMA950LegacyEnabler.kext - repair permissions, rebuild the kext cache and reboot. And smile. I'd read so many threads saying GMA900 / 915 was impossible (or too much work) to support on OS X - this solution works perfectly even for Snow Leopard. Top stuff!
  13. [How to] Intel GMA 900 done right: full QE/CI for leopard

    Works for me on Snow Leopard. Just install the ElliottAppleIntelGMA950LegacyEnabler.kext into /S/L/E, repair permissions and rebuild the kext cache - reboot and all is well! Just make sure you're using the stock SL framebuffer kext - the one in the first post didn't work for me. Only problem I have so far (very limited testing) is that the Arabesque and RSS Visualizer screensavers cause an instant reboot when going full-screen. They appear fine in the tiny preview window, but hit the Preview button and bye-bye system. Flurry works perfectly though, and the desktop speed is nicely boosted. Oh, and GMA900 / GMA915 doesn't appear in System Profiler any more - it just says "Type: GPU", no chipset model info. I am telling lies. I must have messed up installing the framebuffer kext. Just tried again and it is PERFECT under Snow Leopard. Arabesque works, correct info in System Profiler - even the screen is detected correctly. Excellent! Now I could just do with adding it to /Extra instead of in /S/L/E. Not sure on the dependencies, though.