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  1. I have this wierd thing, i can arrange icons as i want but when i reset or shotdown my icons reset to the previous position again i had tried many solution with no results for example" sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db "DELETE from apps; \ DELETE from groups WHERE title<>''; DELETE from items WHERE rowid>2;" \ && killall Dock With No result i also tried to delete the files from, Library-Aplication support-dock. Still not working, by the way i had a lot of files inside the dock folder like 100 files.Also tried similar comads no luck. Please someone has a clue let me know ill be so thankfull.
  2. Launchpad Icons Resetting 10.7.5

    Well I did not notice this since i dont use the launchpad app, but recently i wanted to organize the icons since is kind of helpfull in lion. But everytime i organize my icon aster reseting the icons come back as always. The Comands i had tried do not work, the dock dissaperar but the icons still remain the same. sqlite3 ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db "DELETE from apps; DELETE from groups WHERE title<>''; DELETE from items WHERE rowid>2;"; Killall Dock. also i had deleted all of de .db files inside the dock folder and reset by using Killall Dock and still the same.I had read people get all the icons delete by using the comand above but in my mac is not working. In org.chameleon.Boot.plist my settings are Kernel=mach_kernel Use kernel cache=yes npci=0x2000=yes ethernel=build in restart fix=yes Generate P and C states=yes Graphics Enabler=Yes Mac Pro 3.1 Chameleon R2012 I dont know if something else is causing this isuue, so please if anyone has and idea please help me. I will be very gratefull
  3. ATI 5450 full graphics but 1080p videos so Slow!

    Thanks eep357 for your help i just found that this card is trouble and i was over rating this video card for 30 bucks i was hoping to get a full 1080p card, not capable. im gong to switch to Geforce 430 or 210 they are more capable and compatible and i do need low profile video card.
  4. ATI 5450 full graphics but 1080p videos so Slow!

    Well After trying almost all of the AtiConfig settings, i stuck with shrike wich let me use all DVi and Vga the i decide to play a hi resolution movie over VLC and i look perfect at full screen better resolution that 720p in youtube which in full screen is really slow. I know is not a Flash player because i update all version firefox, google crome and safari and i know that this card is enough to play 1080p or 720 in youtube.
  5. ATI 5450 full graphics but 1080p videos so Slow!

    Thanks for reply guys, i been using iMac 12.1 Smbios closest to my system and also i have the lastes flash update my OpenGl bench are 60Fps in a 1024x768, if i change my ATI confing to Eulemur my card is recognised as 5450 instead of 5000 and dvd player work fine, but Vga and hdmi not working only dvi, but same story in youtube really slow.
  6. ATI 5450 full graphics but 1080p videos so Slow!

    My Video card i used ATi5000injector.kext in lion 10.7.3 i have full resolutions and i have dual monitors but when i played videos on youtube the max resolution i can achieve is 480 anything pass that becomes really slow and also dvd player just crashed. But i have the wave effect in dashboard and i can play Chess i had tried almost anything for my video card but always is the same does anybody know about this o is just a pretty low graphics card cannot handle 1080p videos?
  7. Wake up from sleep Eject error Gigabyte

    Well i found the source of the problem is a Ethernet kext RealtekRTL81 apparently they had this issue after sleep i remove this kexts and every thing was fine.
  8. Hi i have this issue when i sleep in lion 10.7.3 and i wake up my removable drives and usb Wirelless get disconected or freezes. My mobo is a Gigabyte GA-H61M-D2P-B3 F9 Bios and i downloaded my DSDT from TonyDatabase and choose acording to my bios and pretty much everything is working except for the issue of usb error. The kexts im using are the follow=FakeSMCRev530, AppleRTC, RealtekRTL81 Installer, ALC8xxHDA, and ATi5000. I also have P and C states and i am in 64Bit. I think it may be DSDT not Pached to usb fix but i do not know how to pach DSDT and las time i tried i Crash my system. If anybody can take a look at my dsdt ill be very gratefull Thanks. DSDT-GA-H61M-D2P-B3-F9.aml.zip
  9. Dell OptiPlex 780 SFF sleep and speedsteep 10.7.3 Help

    Hi excuse here is the DSDT If any body can edit speed steep and sleep, shutdown and restart. This will really help me and a lot of people Thanks. Let me know if i can donate something for However Job bye dsdt.aml.zip
  10. Dell OptiPlex 780 SFF sleep and speedsteep 10.7.3 Help

    No luck at all sleep only works when i enabled dropssdt but no hibernation i extracted the dsdt but i have no experience at all editing. Somebody help to solve this i will help many people with same problem Thanls
  11. Hi i have a dell 780 with lion succesfully istalled evething seems working but sleep and speedsteep. I have the following kext installed in extra folder fakesmc.kext,NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, ElliotForceLegacyRTC.kex, VoodooHDA.kext,ATI5000.kex,IntelE1000.kex. When i go to sleep the computer actually goes to sleep but i do not wake up from keybord, mouse o power botton. But when i edited chameleon.boot.plist and i check dropSDDT the computer does goes to sleep but not hibernation and i does wake from sleep but shutdown does not work and i have check speedsteep throught MSRTool but i always have 3.00Ghz wich is the stock speed for my dual core proccesor. I had tried sleepenabler for lion no success, darkwake no success. http://wiki.osx86pro...LL_Optiplex_780 this site does claim that sleep works OOB Help please
  12. asus p5n72-t premium Help!

    HI i need help with My mobo. I had tried istalling iaktos ans iPC unsuccessfully but i know is possible because i read a post of someone actually having Mac os in the mobo. Please can someone help me with my bios setting. Here is my specs. asus p5n72-t premium nvidia 780i Chipset. Intel Quad Core 4 Gigs of DRR2 memory