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  1. Vanilla or not?

    Hello, in order to update my Hackintosh to 10.5.1, I'll take a tutorial in the post it but there are two Vanilla kernel Not vanilla. How do I know which one to choose? I just downloaded the Kalyway 10.5.1 dvd and then booting vmware I did it and now, the GUI is launched. Thank you in advance
  2. Faire une mise à jour 10.5.1 & 10.5.7 Kalyway

    Re, voici ma config : Carte mère : Property Value Manufacturer PEGATRON CORPORATION Model F5SR Version 1.0 Serial Number BSN12345678901234567 North Bridge SiS 671/FX/DX/MX Revision 00 South Bridge SiS 968 Revision 00 CPU Intel® Core2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz Cpu Socket Socket P (478) Memory Summary Maximum Capacity 4096 MBytes Maximum Memory Module Size 1024 MBytes Memory Slots 2 Error Correction None CPU : Property Value DEBUSSY (ASUSTeK Computer Inc. F5SR) Summary Number of Logical Processors 2 Number of Physical Processors 1 CPU #1 Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P8400 CPU Name Intel® Core2 Duo CPU P8400 @ 2.26GHz CPU Code Name Penryn Vendor GenuineIntel Number of Bits 64 Instruction Set MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, ET64, XD, VMX, SMX, EST Platform Name Socket P (478) Revision M0 Technology 45 nm Original Clock 2266 MHz Original System Clock 266 MHz Original Multiplier 8.6 CPU Clock 2271 MHz System Clock 266.6 MHz FSB 1066.5 MHz Number of Cores 2 Core #1 Speed 2266.2 MHz Multiplier 8.5 Core #2 Speed 2266.2 MHz Multiplier 8.5 Virtual Technology Supported Yes Hyper Threading Supported No Cache L1 Data Cache 2 x 32 KBytes L1 Instructions Cache 2 x 32 KBytes L2 Cache 3072 KBytes Est que tu pourrais me donner la taille ou la somme md5 de snow leopard ou iDeneb 10.5.8 stp, que je puisse télécharger le bon truc. Désolé pour la section, je suis un peux perdu sur ce grand forum. Pour le screen -v, je dois screener quoi ? Merci d'avance
  3. Hello, I want to know or find Xcode and the SDK for iPhone in my Hackintosh Kalyway 10.5.1. Thank you in advance.ÉcouterLire phonétiquement
  4. Hello there, I have a very important issue. Needing xCode + SKD iPhone, I'm in 10.5.7 update (I have not found any older version of xcode and the sdk, and believe me I searched all 4 corners of the web), I So download all of the maj 10.5.1 to 10.5.7. So I start to run the 10.5.2 Update for the Mac, and there BIM! Hackintosh I reinstall everything from scratch (though drunk) After going through the web, nothing too surprising knowing that we must modify the file before starting the installation so I followed this tutorial to the letter: http://apple2pc.blogspot.com/2008/02 .. .1-to-1052. html This time, the installation went very smoothly but the restart Bim, the Kernel Panic. I read the comment section of the blog and I'm not alone. I wonder if anyone would have a good technique (that does not bother me having to reinstall Kalyway 7 times for 7 updates the time it takes me to something) That is, how I would thank the person who will help me in any case, thank you very much in advance, in hopes that I can finally be coded in Xcode (If anyone has a version of xCode + the iPhone SDK to 10.5.1, I'm interested and I thank you very much) Regards, Jeremy.
  5. Bonjour à vous, j'ai un problème très important. Ayant besoin d'xCode + SKD iPhone, je dois update en 10.5.7 (j'ai pas trouvé de version plus ancienne d'xcode et du sdk et, croyez moi j'ai fouillé aux 4 coins du web), j'ai donc downloadé toute les maj de 10.5.1 à 10.5.7. Je commence donc à lancer la MAJ 10.5.2 depuis le Mac, et là BIM ! Je réinstalle tout Hackintosh depuis le début (bien saoulant ) Après avoir parcouru le web, rien de bien étonnant sachant qu'il faut modifier des fichier avant de lancer l'install j'ai donc suivit à la lettre ce tuto : http://apple2pc.blogspot.com/2008/02...1-to-1052.html Cette fois, l'install passe sans soucis mais au redémarrage Bim, le Kernel Panic. J'ai lu les commentaire de l'article du blog et, je ne suis pas le seul. J'aimerais savoir si quelqu'un aurais une technique bonne (cela ne me dérange pas de devoir réinstaller Kalyway 7 fois pour les 7 mises à jour du temps que cela m'amène à quelque chose) Voilà, je ne serais comment remercier celui qui m'aidera, en tout cas, je vous remercie infiniment d'avance, en espèrent que je puisse enfin coder sous xCode (si jamais quelqu'un a une version d' xCode + le SDK de l'iPhone pour 10.5.1, je suis preneur et je vous remercie infiniment)
  6. Problem with sound card

    UP please
  7. Problem with sound card

    Hello, I have a concern I listen to music with my Hackintosh Kalyway Leopard through VMware emulated. My hackintosh does not detect sound card, how? Here is a small description of my sound cards: Property: Value DEBUSSY : (ASUSTeK Computer Inc. F5SR) Périphérique: High Definition Audio Name: Périphérique High Definition Audio Manufacturer: Microsoft Device ID: HDAUDIOFUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0660&SUBSYS_10430000&REV_10004&52743B1&0&0001 PnP Device Id: HDAUDIOFUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0660&SUBSYS_10430000&REV_10004&52743B1&0&0001 How? Thank you in advance
  8. Problem with WIFI

    Hello, I have a concern, I activate the WiFi on my Hackintosh Kalyway Leopard. I emulate with VMware and everything works except the wifi nickel in Setting and Network, there are only PPPoE Phone Ethernet But no WiFi. How? Here is my entire network cards built with SIW Property: Value DEBUSSY: (ASUSTeK Computer Inc. F5SR) Network: Adapter 1 Model: SiS191 Ethernet Controller Status: Disconnected MAC Address: 00-23-54-62-53-95 Type: WIRED Speed: 100 Mbps Network Adapter 2 Model Infineon ADM851X USB To Fast Ethernet MII Adapter Description [14] Infineon ADM851X USB To Fast Ethernet MII Adapter Status Disconnected Network Adapter 4 Model Infineon ADM851X USB To Fast Ethernet MII Adapter Description [5] Infineon ADM851X USB To Fast Ethernet MII Adapter Status Connected Network Adapter 5 Model: Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter Status: Connected MAC Address: 00-22-43-70-CB-8D Type: WIRELESS LAN Speed: 130 Mbps How to use WiFi? Thank you in advance
  9. Help with the OSX

    Hello, downloads kalyway_leo you can find the torrent, then after that have to walk with the GUI normally.
  10. I would like to install a virtual Hackintosh

    Same, but it works perfectly-cons, I have an issue with WiFi and sound, can someone help me?
  11. [GUIDE] Snow Leopard on Asus G51J/Jx

    Thanks you !
  12. Introduce yourself.

    Hello, i have got one hackintosh and one pc with ubuntu I'm Jérémy
  13. AMD User here looking to Hackintosh

    Hello, testing Kalyway Leo, it works perfect at home
  14. I would like to install a virtual Hackintosh

    Hello, thank you for your answer, I finally succeeded with Kalyway Leopard:) The virtualization market inpect. (For those who want to know how I did: Install VMware Player Create a virtual machine with 2 processor and maximum RAM Boot from the Kalyway iso The facility must smith Towards the end of the end, it's normal that sometimes it crashes to 1 minute remaining, do not panic, installing and starting over after a while it will work.) For info, I'm under ASUS.