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  1. Ictinike

    testing a kalyway install with second life

    Also having this iDeneb problem...
  2. Ictinike

    Suggest a game? (2 player/network)

    Hm. Yes good idea.
  3. Ictinike

    Suggest a game? (2 player/network)

    Hm, that's a decent idea. I thought Crossover was like 30 bucks though? (She has to be legit about it. :-/) The Emulators are a good idea. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, So, me and my girlfriend are currently 1300 miles apart, and are looking for something to do together. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any nice networkable games we could try out? I'm trying to stay away from WOW and other expensive games ($50+, cheaper is no problem). Just a neat little arcade game we could try out would work fine. I'm on a hack-mac (3.0ghz 2core/8800gt/4gbRam) on 10.5 and she's on a 2.0 ghz imac on 10.4 Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Ictinike

    Fan Problems

    Noone eh?
  6. Ictinike

    Fan Problems

    Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong place... Best place I could think of. So, I have a self-built rig running Ubuntu, and now Windows XP dual boot. Yay. However, I have noticed. While in Ubuntu my fans run significantly quieter then when in Windows. While in Ubuntu I can barely hear my computers fans, even while running things like ETQW or rendering applications. Meanwhile in Windows XP as soon as it passes the "Windows XP" screen with the 4 window panes and loading bar, one of my fans immediately shoots to 100%, is this normal? Anyone know a fix? I've tried playing with my Mobo settings and Speedfan, with no luck. It's getting quite annoying that while my computers sitting here at 30 degrees across the board with a fan on full power, it's very noisy. Thanks.
  7. Hi everyone, I've been building my own computer (My first time) and had it all built together, and it went to bios on first boot, so i did that and shut it down to clean up some wires. Then I cleaned up some wires, and my computer stopped booting correctly, it would boot for 3-8 seconds, just enough to do POST, then reboot itself. I tried clearing the CMOS, didn't work. I then got curious about something and had to pretty much disassemble the entire rig to get at the part I was curious about, so that led me to simply rebuilt it all. It still had the problem. I gave a call to ASUS (My Mobo Manufacturers) and they said to clear the cmos, so I did. It then booted, and was fine. At this point my computer was upstairs in a room with no monitors or anything, so I unplugged it and took it downstairs to my monitor. Once it got there it was doing the rebooting thing again. So I cleared the CMOS again, no luck. Then I thought "Maybe it's my powerbar down here" so I brought the computer back upstairs and plugged it in, it's doing it's rebooting thing up here now. Is it posible my CPU heatsink isn't on right? but then it wouldn't be booting at all.... Help, please. -.-
  8. Ictinike

    Blu-Ray Wins The Format War!

    Since when did things "a couple months ago" relate to todays market? Especially in the Technology Market. I mean, damn. PS3's were 800 dollars when they were released, too. Things go down in money, and new things are released freaking every day in different markets.
  9. Ictinike

    Terragen Users?

    Ok, thanks.
  10. Ictinike

    Terragen Users?

    Heya, does anyone here have, and use, Terragen? I've recently started using the program, and found I really enjoy it. I hate how I can't render bigger images though, due to my lack of a lisence.
  11. Ictinike

    MacWorld: Steve's Keynote

    I'm waiting for my tablet, please.
  12. Ictinike

    iPhone Installer 3

    posting to you from an iPod touch while I talk to people with apollo it rocks!! Gotta love nullriver
  13. Ictinike

    Forget Vista Ultimate, Get Kingston Ultimate!

    My question is.... Why oh why do we care? Other then portable boots of our OS.... Why we care?
  14. Ictinike

    Blast From the Past: OS9

    Dude I can't wait! I'm gonna buy a new Macbook or Macbook Pro JUST to run it!
  15. Ictinike

    Graphic Forum

    I'll check it out. Edit: The ads are VERY intrusive.... I dont like the host. Try ej.am