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  1. testing a kalyway install with second life

    Also having this iDeneb problem...
  2. Suggest a game? (2 player/network)

    Hm. Yes good idea.
  3. Suggest a game? (2 player/network)

    Hm, that's a decent idea. I thought Crossover was like 30 bucks though? (She has to be legit about it. :-/) The Emulators are a good idea. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, So, me and my girlfriend are currently 1300 miles apart, and are looking for something to do together. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any nice networkable games we could try out? I'm trying to stay away from WOW and other expensive games ($50+, cheaper is no problem). Just a neat little arcade game we could try out would work fine. I'm on a hack-mac (3.0ghz 2core/8800gt/4gbRam) on 10.5 and she's on a 2.0 ghz imac on 10.4 Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Fan Problems

    Noone eh?
  6. Fan Problems

    Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong place... Best place I could think of. So, I have a self-built rig running Ubuntu, and now Windows XP dual boot. Yay. However, I have noticed. While in Ubuntu my fans run significantly quieter then when in Windows. While in Ubuntu I can barely hear my computers fans, even while running things like ETQW or rendering applications. Meanwhile in Windows XP as soon as it passes the "Windows XP" screen with the 4 window panes and loading bar, one of my fans immediately shoots to 100%, is this normal? Anyone know a fix? I've tried playing with my Mobo settings and Speedfan, with no luck. It's getting quite annoying that while my computers sitting here at 30 degrees across the board with a fan on full power, it's very noisy. Thanks.