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  1. It does work with the x850xt pcie, you need to edit the EDID in the callisto drivers, which are provided with the drivers howto. Otherwise just follow the guide word for word. BTW Callisto 006 worked the best for me. And also make sure you do this all on a clean OSX install, and use the callisto provided instructions for installation.
  2. jspiker

    [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    X850XT PCIE users (5d52) Because of a ton of PMs asking how to do this.. Install callisto b005. Others may work, this worked for me. Be warned, for me only the VGA output works. NOT DVI (yet.. workin on it). Follow the rest of this guide. Yay. Install mighty mouse (search forums) for mouse tearing. ---------------- In addition Is there a trick to get callisto working with cards that have a vga and dvi, in which it see's only the vga and will not allow for res switching on the dvi?
  3. jspiker

    [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    Kageon.. not the exact model but it works on my x850xt (5d52) I would be amazed if it didnt work on your x850xtpe. Give it a try! Worst that happens is you need to reinstall or replace some kext files.
  4. jspiker

    ATI device ID edit and Callisto ?

    Ive done that.. it enables QE/CI but mouse tearing is bad. x850xt pcie
  5. jspiker

    [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    Callisto b005 and this patch made my x850xt PCIE work, QE CI enabled. Holy {censored}.. <3 I do get artifacts though..? Seems related to mouse. Is that mouse tearing?
  6. Tested on: Athlon x2 4200 MSI Neo4-f Does not work, wrecks install to the point where you cant boot into single user mode.
  7. jspiker

    Install / boot problems -> AMDx2

    Ok you are correct, I had not realized corruption was frequent with sata. Guess I have to give in and put in my old IDE. Thank you though!
  8. jspiker

    Install / boot problems -> AMDx2

    But it does work.. in vmware I can install and play with OSX just fine, and it usually installs fine in native mode also. If I can install and get 1/2 way through booting, it must support sata somewhat (at least the update I got). Could this sata problem present itself half way through installation / booting.. because it detects and writes files to it just fine.
  9. Hey guys I'm trying to install osx86 (10.4.8 with ppf2) My specs are as follows: Amd x2 4200+ MSI Neo4-f (nforce4) 2gb DDR 320gb SATA / 160gb ATA and more that doesn't matter I can install everything just fine and dandy in vmware (booting off XP from my ATA drive) onto a partition on my SATA drive. I can install, boot, and do everything just fine in vmware. Now.. native booting is another story. When using the DVD in native booting / installation, it will usually give me an error in the installation if using a journaled partition. Just using HFS+ usually works, and then I can finish the install. When its time for reboot, I press restart and it says MACH_REBOOT or something of that nature. It will stay like this indefinitely, and a hard reboot follows. I boot into OSX with verbose mode (-v) and watch the console fire away. It goes too fast to write down much of the errors and stuff I get, but some of the things i've noticed: IOATA device blocking the bus (or something like that) repeated a lot Cannot find root user, sleeping and trying again (repeated a ton) Started login window application (repeated a ton) Sometimes a filesystem error that needs fixing.. sometimes fixes itself. These errors are from about 10 different attempts at installing, so not the same one. I wouldn't object to using vmware for everything OSX related, but it's so darn slow, and I cannot use OSX under these conditions for what I want to use it for. My question is.. what should I do / try?
  10. jspiker


    http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...;hl=ichat+crash Search is friend
  11. jspiker

    Cannot reboot in OSx86

    Hey guys! So I installed osx 10.4.8 with vmware server.. works great. I can get to the desktop fine, but when I want to shut down the computer so that I can close vmware, it doesn't finish. It shows some text and says "continuing" but never continues. I reboot the console and get a HFS+ partition error. What should I do? Edit: In case it matters, heres my specs (the ones that matter) Athlon x2 4200+ MSI (nforce 4 chipset) 320gb SATA HDD (4 primary partitions.. OSX on the last one)