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  1. Thanks to dgsga , I really learned something from this post .. There is a saying that in Chinese : "If you are going to give a fish to someone,an rod instead ..." and for someone who wondering why "eb" instead of "75" : Intel Pentium Instruction Set Reference
  2. OK, I got it.....because of the rule of InsanelyMac forum ... Stressing an important rule
  3. I had post a topic title which is "Lion 10.7 on GA-X58A-UD5 rev 2.0 with 10.7.3 Combo Update" to Tutorials (The Genius Bar) area...but I could not find my post... of couse, I know that I should not post to there,but I just "wake-up" after I clicked "Post New Topic" button... seems it's too late...I would like to post to "OSx86 Installation -> OSx86 10.7 (Lion)"... I just want to make sure that does my post is disappear from now or something else?? because I spend a lot of time for the post...I would like to save it as a document before disappear.....XD