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  1. P5Q PRO Turbo - modded bios?

    hi samux can u plz modd me a p5qpl-am motherboard , it would be graet thansk a lot
  2. everyone reads it , but no one has a time to just tell the new bies where to find it , i have sen that no body wants to help any body.. seeing and messaging many menber . but no reply from any one ....
  3. helo evryone sorry for just a question but . i have downlaoded the iATKOS and Ipc osx installion discs iamges , but they doesnot work as i get eroor s while install , so i have downlaoded the kexts and the other files which have to be replaced. so can you plz helpe me out how to do the job of replacing , is that i can use the pendrive to install osx ( i dont have any working mac ) is that we have to burn dvds each tiem we need to test the kexts ... thanks . a urgent reply would be great .............
  4. Introduce yourself.

    hi hewllo every on eher e, how areu